Last Updated: 09 September 2021

Primary 1 (P1) registration

You can prepare and register your child for Primary 1 (P1) through the P1 registration process. Learn about it and how to get started.

There will be changes to the P1 Registration Framework starting from the 2022 P1 Registration Exercise (for children starting P1 in 2023). Find out more.

What is Primary 1 registration

Primary 1 registration is a process to register your child for mainstream primary schools in the following year.

While primary school education is compulsory for all Singapore Citizens (SC), the P1 registration process is also applicable to Permanent Residents (PR) and international students.

You will have additional considerations:

If your child is a Singaporean living overseas

You can choose to register your child through email to our Pupil Placement Services Branch.

Note: You can find details on email registration when you prepare your documents.

Leave of absence

If your child is allocated a place in a school through the P1 registration process but is unable to return to Singapore to start school in January, you can apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA) from your child's school. 


  • You can register your child under Phase 1 of the P1 Registration Exercise if an older sibling is currently on LOA from the same primary school.
  • If an older sibling was previously on LOA and has finished studying in the same primary school, your child can only be registered under Phase 2A(2).
If your child has special educational needs

All mainstream primary schools are resourced to support students with mild special educational needs.

Children with mild special educational needs, who have the cognitive ability to access national curriculum and able to learn in large group settings, can register in mainstream schools through the Primary 1 (P1) registration exercise.

Children with moderate-to-severe special educational needs or have higher support needsshould apply to a special education (SPED) school. You need not participate in the P1 registration exercise if you have applied to SPED schools.

Learn more about support for children with special educational needs and applying to mainstream or SPED schools for your child.

If your child is assessed to be not ready or unsuitable for P1

If your child has been medically assessed to be not ready or unsuitable for P1, you may apply for a deferment.

If your child is an international student

International students are children who are not Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents.

If your child is an international student, you should refer to our P1 registration process for international students for details on registering in an MOE primary school.

Check when your child is eligible for P1 registration

You can register your child in the 2022 P1 Registration Exercise if your child is born between 2 January 2016 and 1 January 2017 (both dates inclusive).


Before registration

Choose a school

Choosing a school for your child depends on a balance between their needs and your preferences. Learn about the considerations when choosing a school, and how the distance between your home and school can be a factor.

Prepare for registration

P1 registration takes place over several phases. Find out your child's eligible phases, key dates and documents required for registration.

During registration

Vacancies and balloting updates

Primary school vacancies and balloting statuses will be updated when submitted applications are processed.

After registration

After you register

Find out what to do after you have registered your child for P1.