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Last Updated: 14 December 2022

Our programmes

There are a variety of programmes in schools that help students develop their strengths and areas of interest. Learn more about these programmes and how they are beneficial.

Select the educational level to see list of programmes:

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

CCAs play a key role in students' holistic development. Learn about them.

Counselling and Student Welfare

School Counsellors provide support to students with personal or academic challenges while Student Welfare Officers help disadvantaged students continue their schooling. Learn about the support in schools.

Cyber Wellness

Cyber Wellness education focuses on helping your child to be a responsible digital learner. Learn more about the programme and curriculum.


Schools build character by instilling discipline. Find out how schools approach discipline.

Education and Career Guidance

Education and Career Guidance equips students with the knowledge, skills and values needed to make informed decisions at key education stages to successfully transition from school to further education or work. Learn about it.

GEB Special Programmes

These out-of-school enrichment programmes are organised in close partnership with institutional and community partners for strongly motivated high-ability students. Learn about the different programmes available.

Holistic Health Framework

Schools adopt a Holistic Health Framework to develop the total well-being of students.

National Education

National Education (NE) was launched in 1997 with the intent to instil national identity and the spirit of togetherness in our young. Find out about National Education.

Sexuality Education

Students will learn about the physical, emotional, social and ethical dimensions of human sexuality in primary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges and Millennia Institute. Learn more about the MOE Sexuality Education and how you can support your child.

Social and Emotional Learning

Having strong social and emotional skills help your child to develop personal effectiveness and well-being, build positive relationships, live out their values and grow their character. They can also improve your child's school performance. Learn more about these skills and how they can help your child.

Values in Action

Find out about Values in Action, a key student development experience, in our schools.