The key education initiatives to look out for

From enhanced bursaries to phasing out streaming, here are the key changes that happened this year to help prepare our students for the future.

Reading readiness

If your child’s heading to P1 and can’t read, take a leaf out of dad Sherwin Loh’s book.

Switching off to switch on

We worry about our kids spending too much time on electronic devices. But are mummy and daddy setting the example? Sherwin Loh looks up from his mobile device to share his thoughts on the magic that happens when he turns off his phone and switches on his daddy mode.

Is CCA a waste of time?

“It’s better to study than spend time on CCA.” “My child is in a CCA he doesn’t like and there’s nothing we can do about it.” If these sound familiar, read on. We demystify 5 myths about CCA.

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