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Last Updated: 18 October 2023

Financial assistance

Singapore Citizens in financial need can get assistance from MOE on school fees and other expenses. This applies to government, government-aided, special education (SPED), specialised and some independent schools. Learn if your child is eligible.

Eligible Singapore Citizens may receive financial help on fees and other school expenses. They include:
  • If your child is in a government or government-aided school, autonomous government or government-aided school or specialised school, you can apply for the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS).
  • If your child is in a government-funded special education (SPED) school, you can apply for the SPED Financial Assistance Scheme.
  • If your child is attending an independent school, NUS High School of Mathematics and Science or School of Science and Technology, you can apply for the MOE Independent School Bursary (ISB) scheme.
  • If your child is attending Singapore Sports School or School of the Arts, you should apply for financial assistance directly with the schools as they have their own financial assistance schemes.
  • If your child is attending MOE Kindergarten (MK), you can find out more about the fees and subsidies in our MK section.
  • If you are a Singapore Citizen taking MOE-subsidised courses in any Post-Secondary Education Institutions (PSEI), you can find out more about the different bursaries and schemes in our financial assistance information for PSEIs.

Financial assistance eligibility checker

Enter the details to check whether your child is eligible for financial assistance from January 2024 for mainstream and SPED schools or academic year 2024 for post-secondary education institutions.

  • Household income includes any regular allowances (e.g. overtime, transport allowances), employee's CPF contribution, income from other sources e.g. pension and rental income. National Service allowance earned by National Servicemen; severance compensation and insurance payouts; and alimony payment are excluded.
  • Household members include the student, his/her parents, and unmarried siblings of the student, regardless of the address. Grandparents and other dependants living at the same address may be included on a case-by-case basis.