• It All Begins With A Teacher

    It All Begins With A Teacher

    For a struggling student, the right teacher can cast a spell. Uncover the magic of a primary school teacher whose magic tricks spark his students’ love of reading. Click here to watch the full video. Think you’ve got that something to enchant young lives? Join us.

  • It All Begins With A Teacher

    Failure hurts. But if you can look beyond the disappointment and despair, you will learn invaluable skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Watch how Mdm Pua helped her student Shirley overcome failure, by teaching her to never give up and igniting her passion for learning. Think you can inspire our students and help prepare them for their future? Join us!

  • Careers @ MOE

    Careers @ MOE

    Curious about careers at MOE? MOE officers share their personal experiences on what it's like to make a difference and shape the nation, one student at a time.

  • Education & Career Guidance Counsellor

    Education & Career Guidance Counsellor

    Help our students make informed choices for their future. Please keep a lookout for the details of our next exercise at