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Last Updated: 20 September 2023

Our educational technology journey

Gain an overview of our educational technology journey since its early beginnings in 1997 and across the different master plans.

MOE’s Masterplans for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Education are blueprints for developing an ICT-enriched environment to enhance students’ learning experiences.

The four ICT-in-Education Masterplans and Educational Technology (EdTech) Plan 2020 have built a strong foundation in the use of EdTech in teaching and learning. The new “Transforming Education through Technology” Masterplan 2030 (or EdTech Masterplan 2030 for short), builds on the previous plans, and addresses the opportunities and challenges of the post-COVID landscape, where technology has become a critical enabler of learning.

Our Journey


"Transforming Education through Technology" Masterplan or EdTech Masterplan 2030

The EdTech Masterplan 2030 outlines how schools can better embed technology to enhance teaching and learning.

Greater emphasis is placed on enhancing the development of students’ digital literacy and technological skills needed to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven world; leveraging new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to better customise learning for every child; and strengthening and scaling the culture of sharing and adapting technology-enabled lessons, resources, and good practices across all schools.


Educational Technology (EdTech) Plan

The EdTech Plan guided the development of a technology-enriched school environment for teaching and learning. It adopted a responsive, agile approach and structure to help MOE react quickly to technological and contextual changes to ensure the effective use of EdTech for quality teaching and learning.

2015 to 2019

ICT-in-Education Masterplan 4 (mp4)

Mp4 focused on quality learning, in alignment with MOE’s emphasis on student-centric and values-driven education. This included helping students gain knowledge through mastering subjects, acquire 21st Century Competencies and be responsible digital citizens.

2009 to 2014

ICT-in-Education Masterplan 3 (mp3)

Mp3 aimed to enrich and transform the learning environments of our students and equip them with the critical competencies and dispositions to succeed in a knowledge economy. This Masterplan focused on self-directed learning, collaborative learning competencies and responsible use of ICT by our students.

2003 to 2008

ICT-in-Education Masterplan 2 (mp2)

Mp2 built on the foundation of the mp1 to strive for an effective and pervasive use of ICT in education. The key priorities were to ensure all schools achieve a baseline level of ICT use, while fully supporting schools that were ready to achieve higher levels of ICT use in education. It also aimed to strengthen the integration of ICT in curriculum and assessment.

1997 to 2002

ICT-in-Education Masterplan 1 (mp1)

Mp1 laid a strong foundation for schools to harness information and communications technology (ICT). It provided basic infrastructure and equipped teachers with a basic level of digital competency, leading to technology being widely accepted for use in education.