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Last Updated: 18 February 2022

National Education

National Education (NE) was launched in 1997 with the intent to instil national identity and the spirit of togetherness in our young. Find out about National Education.

What is National Education?

As a significant aspect of Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), NE comprises a wide range of school efforts that aims to:
  • Provide our students with the knowledge, skills and values to understand Singapore's history, realities and challenges unique to our nation, appreciate our journey to nationhood, cultivate the instincts for survival as a nation, and have confidence in our nation's future.
  • Be empowering and aspirational, allowing for individual sense-making, to nurture engaged citizens, who are socially aware, adept at critical thinking, and informed about local, regional and global issues.
  • Help our students experience and explore their national identity as Singaporeans and foster a strong sense of belonging, reality, and hope which motivates our students to play a contributory role in their immediate communities and in the nation while they seek to achieve their personal life goals.
Learn more about National Education.