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How to choose a primary school

Choosing a school for your child depends on a balance between their needs and your preferences. Learn about the different considerations before you decide.

The primary school years are important as they are foundational to your child’s learning. Here are 5 points to consider when choosing a primary school for your child:

Your child's interests
Each school has its own programmes and co-curricular activities. You should consider your child’s interests in sports, arts or music and pick a suitable school that will develop their strengths.
Travel time and distance to school
Selecting a school near your home saves you time and travel costs. A shorter commute lets your child rest better and have more time and energy to focus on other interests.
Mother Tongue Languages

Studying a Mother Tongue Language (MTL) will help your child to communicate more effectively in MTL, appreciate their cultural heritage and connect with wider communities across Asia and the world.

There are 3 official MTLs in the national curriculum: Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Use SchoolFinder to learn about the MTLs offered by each school.

School culture
Visit the school’s open house to get a sense of the school’s culture and learning environment. You can also talk to the current students, teachers and principal to learn more about the school.
Use SchoolFinder to help you choose a suitable school for your child.