School-based Student Care Centres

School-based Student Care Centres (SCC) provide a safe environment for your child after school hours. Learn about the centres, fees and how to apply.

What are school-based SCCs?

School-based SCCs provide you with an alternative care arrangement for your child. Your child can go from their classrooms to the SCC without leaving the school.

How to apply

Check with the school after your child has been admitted to find out about the application procedure and criteria.

You can also find out how to apply during orientation.

Fees and financing

Fees vary across the SCCs. You may approach the school or SCC for details.

You can get up to 98% subsidy of fees through the Ministry of Social and Family Development's (MSF) ComCare Student Care subsidies. These subsidies are given to children from low-income families.

Check if you’re eligible for this subsidy.

If the SCC has no vacancies

You may wish to consider another SCC near your home or your child's school.

Search for an MSF-registered Student Care Centre.