Registration phases and key dates

Primary 1 (P1) registration is conducted in several phases. Check for your child's eligible P1 registration phases and their key dates.

The 2021 P1 registration exercise will not be affected by the review of the P1 registration framework mentioned at the Budget Debate in March 2021.
The registration for Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident children will tentatively take place from end June to August 2021. Join our mailing list to receive an email alert when registration information updates are available.

Registration phases

P1 registration is conducted over several phases. These registration phases apply to children who are Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.

If your child is an international student, you will need to register for P1 under the Phase 3 process. Find out how.

Overview of phases

In line with the measures announced by the Government to further enhance safe distancing measures and ensure minimal contact among the public, there will be no in-person registration at schools for the 2020 P1 registration. You may register your child online in a phase as long as you fulfil at least one of the requirements for that phase.

You can only register your child in one school at any phase. Multiple applications will not be accepted. If you have submitted your online application and wish to make an amendment during the same phase, you may submit a new application form within the same phase. In these situations, MOE will take your latest online application submitted during the stipulated registration period of the same registration phase.

If you have secured a P1 place for your child in a previous registration phase, you will need to withdraw your place from the school before registering in another school. Unless you have withdrawn your place, MOE will not process any further online applications made for your child and your child will remain in the school that your child had earlier secured a place at. You are to ensure that the child has been successfully withdrawn before submitting another online application.

We encourage all parents registering their child for the P1 registration to discuss well ahead and decide on their primary school of choice before submitting the online registration. This is to avoid the need to make any withdrawals or amendments which may lead to delays or missing a registration phase and as a result not getting the school of your choice for your child.
The details below are for the 2020 P1 Registration Exercise, for reference.

  • 1
  • 2A(1)
  • 2A(2)
  • 2B
  • 2C
  • 2C Supplementary

Check your child's registration phase

Answer a few questions to help you find out which phases your child qualifies for.