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Last Updated: 22 March 2024

Apply to a special education school

Learn how to apply to a special education (SPED) school based on your child's profile.

If your child is in a mainstream or a specialised school (Northlight School and Assumption Pathway School), please approach their current school to make a transfer application. Learn more about transferring your child to a SPED school.
This application process is for:
  • Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident children applying to Primary 1 or Junior 1.
  • Returning Singaporeans applying to all levels.

You can apply to enrol your child to a SPED school through an online application form.

In the form, you can list up to 3 schools that can support your child's primary diagnosed condition.

As it takes time to gather the reports to be submitted in your application, start preparing at least a year before your child's admission.

Key steps

Before application

Before you decide

Before you decide to enrol your child in a SPED school, you should:

Prepare for application

  • Check documents required
  • Get a professional assessment
    You should ideally start making an appointment 6 months before the school application deadline. Reports from this assessment must be uploaded with your application.
  • Get a medical report
    You should obtain this report from a medical professional who is familiar with your child's medical history and diagnosis.
  • Get insights from teachers
    Find out more about your child’s learning and developmental needs from their preschool or Early Intervention Programme for Infants & Children (EIPIC) teachers. Their report must be submitted in your application. 
  • Identify suitable schools
  • Check admission timelines
    Deadlines vary across the SPED schools. You should submit your application by the deadline of your first-choice school.
A social service agency or the EIPIC centre where your child is enrolled can help you with your application.
Find more details of the application process in the SPED school application form user guide.
During application


  • Have digital copies of all required documents to be uploaded in your application.
  • Be prepared to complete the application form in one sitting as it cannot be saved as draft.  
  • Submit your application online by the deadline of your first-choice school. 
  • Applications may be delayed if there is missing or inaccurate information and supporting documents.
After application

After you apply

  1. Your application will be processed by your first-choice school only when all required documents are submitted. 
  2. The school will arrange to meet you and your child, if necessary. This is to assess if your child's needs can be supported.
Receive outcome

If application is successful

  • You will receive an offer letter from the school by post or email within 3 to 6 months from the date of your application submission.
  • Register your child at the school within 2 weeks from the day you receive the offer letter. 

If application is unsuccessful

  • If your first-choice school has no vacancies or is unable to cater to your child’s learning needs, an alternative school will be recommended. 
  • The alternative school may not be your second- or third-choice school, but the recommendation would be based on your child's learning needs. 
  • The school will arrange to meet you and your child, if necessary. You do not need to resubmit your application.
  • If the school is able to support your child's learning needs, you will receive an offer letter from the school. 

We strongly encourage you to enrol your child at the recommended school even if it is not your first-choice school. This is so that your child's learning can continue.

If they are enrolled at Primary 1 or Junior 1 in a government-funded SPED school, you can request to place your child on the waitlist for P1 or J1 of the preferred government-funded SPED school that serves the same primary diagnosed condition as your child's current SPED school.