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Registration phases and key dates

Primary 1 (P1) registration is conducted over several phases. Check for your child's eligible P1 registration phases and their key dates.


P1 registration is conducted over several phases. Phases 1 to 2C Supplementary apply to children who are Singapore Citizens (SC) and Permanent Residents (PR).

International students must register through a 2-step process prior to registration in Phase 3. Find out how.

For SC and PR children:
  • Register your child for only one school in any phase
    Multiple registrations are not accepted. MOE will take your latest submission made during the phase.
  • Making an amendment in the same phase
    The same parent who registered the child will need to remove their previous registration and resubmit a new registration on the P1 Registration Portal before the phase closes. MOE will take your latest submission made during that phase.
  • If your registration in a phase is unsuccessful
    You can register your child in the next phase they are eligible for. If your child is unsuccessful in Phase 2C Supplementary, they will be posted to a school with available vacancy.
  • Withdrawing a P1 place secured in a previous phase
    The same parent who registered the child must withdraw their place through the P1 Registration Portal successfully before registering for another school in their next eligible phase. Otherwise, MOE will not process any subsequent registration and your child will remain in the school they had secured a place at.
We encourage all parents to discuss well ahead and decide on your preferred school before submitting your registration. This is to avoid the need to make any withdrawals or amendments which may lead to delays or missing a registration phase and as a result, not getting into your preferred school.

Registration phases for SCs and PRs

You may register your child online in a phase as long as you fulfil at least one of the requirements for that phase.

  • 1
  • 2A
  • 2B
  • 2C
  • 2C Supplementary

Check your child's registration phase

Parents of SC and PR children can find out which phases your child is eligible for by answering a few questions.

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