Register for MOE Kindergarten

2. Priority admission and balloting

Priority order for admission

We allocate places at MKs based on this admission priority order:

Priority Order (PO) Who is eligible
1 MOE will reserve one-third of places for Singapore Citizen (SC) children from households with Gross Household Income (GHI) not exceeding $3,500 per month or Per Capita Income (PCI) not exceeding $875 per month, who live within 1km of the kindergarten.
2 SC and Permanent Resident (PR) children who have siblings studying in K1 – P6 in the MK/primary school in the year of registration.
3 All SC children*
4 All PR children*

*If there are children whose parent is a staff member of the MK or primary school, they will be considered first.

Children from Early Years Centres (EYCs)

If your child is an SC or PR attending Nursery 2 (N2) from a partner EYC, they will be offered a place at the partner MK.

Priority admission eligibility checker

How balloting works

A school-based MK will generally take up to about 160 children.

Balloting is conducted when the number of registrants exceeds vacancies at the MK. It takes into consideration citizenship (where applicable) and the distance between your home and the MK in the following order:

  1. Children living within 500m of the MK.
  2. Children living between 500m and 1km of the MK.
  3. Children living 1km or more from the MK.
Note: Information correct as at November 2020. © Singapore Land Authority.