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Children with special educational needs or developmental needs

Find out if your child's learning and developmental needs can be meaningfully supported in MOE Kindergarten (MK).

Children's learning needs are best met when they are enrolled in an education setting that has an appropriate level of support and resources. MKs will work with external partners and agencies to support children with special educational needs or developmental needs who are able to access learning in a group of 20 children. The Early Intervention (EI) programmes provided by these external partners and agencies include ECDA-subsidised preschool-based EI programmes, such as Development Support – Learning Support (DS-LS) and Development Support Plus (DS-Plus). Access to DSLS and DS-Plus programmes is subject to the availability of EI providers.

In understanding if your child's learning and developmental needs can be meaningfully supported in the MK, the key considerations to take are:

  • MK's class size of 20 children to 1 teacher, with no specialised manpower and additional support (e.g., teacher aide), and
  • Open plan setting of MK rooms, for large group teaching and learning.

MK@Mayflower provides dedicated support for children diagnosed with bilateral moderate-to-profound hearing loss (HL) who will benefit from signing instruction to access learning. Through a signing teacher, these children will have access to instruction in Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) to build their signing proficiency in order to access the MK curriculum.

If you wish to enrol your child in the HL (Signing) programme at MK@Mayflower, you should seek a consultation with the Department of Child Development of KK's Women and Children's Hospital (DCD-KKH), Child Development Unit of National University Hospital (CDU-NUH) or Centre for Hearing and Ear Implants of Singapore General Hospital (SGH) on your child’s suitability for the support, including whether he or she will be able to access the national curriculum. The admissions process will involve hospital referrals followed by a joint hospital-MOE review of your child’s suitability for admission.

Learn more about services for children (0 to 6 years old) with special needs.