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Secondary 1 (S1): Submit school choices

3. Receive S1 Option Form and Eligibility Letter

Your child will receive a personalised S1 Option Form (80kb) and Eligibility Letter.

S1 Option Form

The S1 Option Form contains the S1 PIN which you can find at the top right-hand corner. The S1 PIN is a unique password for you to access the S1 Internet System (S1-IS) to:

  • Submit your child's school choices.
  • Check your child's school posting results.

You should keep the S1 PIN confidential to prevent any unauthorised access to the S1-IS. The envelope containing the S1 Option Form should be sealed when first received. If not, inform your child's primary school immediately.

Eligibility Letter

The Eligibility Letter may include information about your child's eligibility for:

  1. Posting Group. For example, your child is offered a choice between Posting Group 3 and Posting Group 2, or Posting Group 2 and Posting Group 1. You must choose one Posting Group based on your child’s academic ability. The chosen Posting Group will apply to all the submitted school choices. You cannot submit school choices with a mix of Posting Groups.
  2. Language programmes such as Higher Mother Tongue Language or a Third Language.
  3. Posting advantage for admission to Special Assistance Plan schools, if your child has performed well in the PSLE and Higher Chinese.
  4. Edusave Scholarships for Independent Schools.
  5. UPLIFT Scholarship.

Explore and shortlist suitable schools based on your child's PSLE results and eligibility.

If you are unable to collect the PSLE results

If you or your child are unable to collect their PSLE results, S1 Option Form and Eligibility Letter at their school, nominate another adult to do so using this proxy form.