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4. Complete the S1 Option Form

Tip: Use the S1 Option Form (80kb) as a template to prepare the relevant information before starting your online application on the S1 Internet System.

You would need to prepare the following information:

1. School choices

List your child's 6 secondary school choices in order of preference using each school's 4-digit code. Make sure you have written down the correct school codes.


  • For priority admission to the affiliated secondary school, your child must indicate that school as the first choice. However, admission is not guaranteed as it is still subject to the availability of places. Some schools may also have additional qualifying criteria for their affiliated primary school students.
  • For dual-track schools offering both Integrated Programme (IP) and O-Level Programme, affiliation considerations will only be given for the O-Level Programme.
  • At least 20% of the places in each course, that is Express, Normal (Academic) or Normal (Technical) of each school, will be allocated to students who do not benefit from affiliation priority.
  • If your child is interested in both the Integrated Programme and O-Level Programme offered by the same school, you must indicate the 2 school codes as separate choices in order of preference. Do note that if your child has indicated only the Integrated Programme school code, they will not be considered for posting to the O-Level Programme, and vice versa.

    List of schools offering both the Integrated Programme (IP) and O-Level Programme
    Secondary School Name Programme School Code
    Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) O-Level 7001
    IP 9161
    Catholic High School O-Level 7102
    IP 9131
    Cedar Girls' Secondary School O-Level 3004
    IP 9152
    CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School O-Level 7118
    IP 9134
    Methodist Girls' School (Secondary) O-Level 7030
    IP 9162
    Singapore Chinese Girls' School O-Level 7014
    IP 9132
    St. Joseph's Institution O-Level 7020
    IP 9141
    Victoria School O-Level 3014
    IP 9151 

2. Course options

If your child is offered only 1 course, they are not allowed to choose another course.

If your child is offered 2 courses, that is Express and Normal (Academic), or Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical), they should choose the course more suited to their learning pace and abilities. If no choice is made, your child will be enrolled into the more academically demanding course.

As their chosen course will apply to all school choices, your child should apply to schools that offer the selected course. You cannot submit school choices with a mix of courses.

If your child chooses the Express course and selects a school that offers both Express and Normal (Academic) courses, they will be posted to the Express course of the school.

Learn more about the different courses.

3. Third Language options

If your child is eligible for a Third Language, list up to 3 choices in order of preference, using the 2-digit language codes.

The Third Language option codes can be found in your child’s Eligibility Letter, as well as on the S1 Internet System.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of vacancies, selection will be based on merit. Your child will receive the outcome from their posted secondary school in late December.

Important reminder

During the S1 posting process, your child will be posted based on academic merit. This means that a student with a better PSLE score will be considered first for posting to their preferred school.

For this reason, make sure you:

  • Look at the previous year's Cut-Off-Point (COP) for your child’s chosen schools.
    Meeting the previous year's COP of a school does not guarantee admission. The PSLE score ranges currently listed in the SchoolFinder should only be used as a reference as these are based on the PSLE scores and school choice patterns of the P6 cohort of 2021. Actual COPs of 2022 cohort are only determined after the S1 posting process. It may differ from previous year's COPs depending on the students' PSLE results and school choices made during S1 Posting.
  • Use all 6 options with a range of COPs and rank your preferred school higher in your school choice order. You should include at least 2 to 3 schools where your child's PSLE score is better than the school's COP in the previous year, to increase their chances of being posted to one of their school choices. If your child is not placed in any of their school choices, they will be posted to a school with remaining vacancies based on their PSLE score and registered address.
  • Update your home address with your child’s primary school by the end of October, if you have changed your residential address in your NRIC.