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Secondary 1 (S1): How posting works

Academic merit (PSLE score) is still the first criterion for posting. Students are posted to secondary school based on:

  • Their PSLE results according to the eligible Posting Group.
  • Their order of school choices.
  • Vacancies at the chosen schools.

Students with better PSLE scores will be considered first for vacancies in their chosen schools. When there are 2 or more students with the same PSLE score vying for the last available places in a school, tie-breakers will be used.

What if 2 students have the same score?

If there are 2 or more students with the same PSLE score vying for the last available places in a school, tie-breakers will be applied in the following sequence:

  1. Citizenship status with priority given in the order of:
    1. Singapore Citizen
    2. Permanent Resident
    3. International Student
  2. Order of school choice
  3. Computerised balloting

Note: Balloting will only take place when students vying for the last available places in the school have the same PSLE score, citizenship and order of school choices.

Why does the order of school choice matter when there is a tie-break?

Choice order is considered to recognise the different considerations that families have when choosing secondary schools, such as the school’s ethos, culture, programmes, CCAs, distance between the school and home. We hope to encourage families to think more deeply about the schools they are choosing and which ones are best suited for their child based on their strengths and interests.

For example, Bryan and Mary are vying for the last place in School A. They:

  • Have the same PSLE score.
  • Are both Singapore Citizens.
  • Bryan listed School A as his first choice and Mary listed it as her third.

In this case, Bryan will be posted to School A as he had ranked School A higher than Mary in his order of school choices.

Is it possible that my child will not be posted to the school despite choosing it as one of the school choices and meeting the school's COP?

Yes, it is possible. This happens when there are other students with the same PSLE scores vying for the last available places in the school.

If there are 2 or more students with the same PSLE score vying for the last places in the school, their posting will be determined according to the tie-breakers.

What if there are no vacancies at any of my child's chosen schools?

Students who cannot be placed in any of their chosen schools will be posted to a school with remaining vacancies, based on their PSLE score and registered address. As such, you should keep your address updated with your child’s primary school by the end of October.

Do students taking Higher Chinese Language (HCL) have priority for admission to Special Assistance Plan (SAP) schools during posting?

Students who obtained Distinction, Merit or Pass in HCL and have a PSLE score of 14 or better (i.e. PSLE score ≤ 14) will be eligible for posting advantage when applying to SAP schools.

If multiple students with the same PSLE score apply for the same SAP school, those with better HCL grades will be allocated a place ahead of other students. This applies before the tie-breakers.