United as One

Teamwork, resilience and effort that go into achieving a common goal — these stories show the spirit of unity in our schools.

Celebrating as one - OSOS 2021 United as One Youth winning storyCelebrating as one
By Onquit Jake Davis Areglo
Naval Base Secondary School
Teacher Facilitator: Mr Shawn Neo

Chinese New Year was the first school celebration we had in a long while due to Covid-19. On 12 February 2021, we got to celebrate! We gave it our all to make it the best CNY ever. Students made lanterns and wrote spring couplets to decorate the classrooms. Teachers took a well-deserved break and tried floristry. We even designed goodie bags and packed food items for the elderly at TOUCH Community Services. I’d say we succeeded in creating a CNY celebration to remember.

In harmony with nature - OSOS 2021 United as One Youth Honourable MentionIn harmony with nature
By Muhammad Hakim Bin Muhammad Rostam
Ang Mo Kio Secondary School
Teacher Facilitator: Ms Audrey Ferng

As members of the Eco Club, we had the opportunity to experience and uncover the beauty of nature up close at Edible Garden City. During the visit, we tried trimming plants, inspecting crops for pests, and extracting soil. The training was enriching and rewarding as we worked as a club to accomplish our tasks. The Eco Club is now more ready to embark on our mission – to be ambassadors of the environment, and spread the love and appreciation of nature in our community. 
Against Covid19 we fight united through plight - OSOS 2021 United as One Youth Honourable MentionAgainst Covid-19 we fight, united through plight
By Low Ji Yuan, Lim Minzhe & Chan Yi De
Nanyang Junior College
Teacher Facilitator: Mr Chen Jianda Alvin 

During this Covid-19 crisis, NYJCians rally together to keep the virus out of our college. We diligently adhere to safe management measures, checking in and wiping down. Our canteen vendors continue whipping up sumptuous meals to keep everyone’s spirits up. Tech-savvy students demonstrate their innovativeness by using Zoom to socialise. At the end of each day, students and tutors cheerfully say goodbye. We are united as one, and we hope life will eventually return to normalcy.

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