My School Community

Teachers, students, support officers, canteen vendors and more. A school is not complete without its community! Meet some of them through these stories.

Our dear Mr Smiley - OSOS 2021 Our School Community Junior winning storyOur dear Mr Smiley
By Ling Kai Sheng, Adriano Leann France Nacu & Joey Tan
First Toa Payoh Primary School
Teacher Facilitator: Ms Diana Binte Mohamed Mazlan

Our Allied Educator, Mr Samir, can be seen everywhere. In some classes, he co-teaches our classmates who require more help. During recess, he interacts with students who share about their day. He also conducts pull-out sessions where he teaches students individually, following their pace. During Home@School, even after a long day, Mr Samir always takes time to play soccer with us. The twinkle in his eyes reassure us that we can have hopes and dreams that we can be anyone we want to be.

Our longest serving teacher - OSOS 2021 Our School Community Junior Honourable MentionOur longest serving teacher
By Amazaki Megumi, Manha Mehrin Hoque & Zander Hong
Teck Whye Primary School
Teacher Facilitator: Ms Gan Yeh Li

Mdm Azlina began her teaching career on 26 June 1989. She has been here for 33 years! A soccer fanatic, she was featured in the news as one of the few females to play the sport back then. Now a soccer CCA coach, she continues to pass on her knowledge and passion to us. She admits that she was a playful student but a special secondary school teacher, Mrs Maureen Ting, inspired her to teach. They still keep in touch via text and video chats. Why did Mdm Azlina choose to stay in TWPS? “TWPS is very special... I don’t think I’ll have the same feeling if I go to another school!”

Growing Pains - OSOS 2021 Our School Community Junior Honourable MentionGrowing pains
By Ayden Lin Wei-Zhe, Wong Rui Qi & Denson Tan Jun Wee
Maris Stella High School
Facilitator: Ms Kimberly Teh

What happens when a new housing estate becomes part of our school community? For the past 53 years, our school had been part of a small community, but that changed when the Bidadari cemetery made way for the housing estate two years ago. It made us think about the impact on our school. The biggest ones are the impending demolition of our school’s iconic gate due to road widening for the new residents, the bustling construction, traffic diversions and a loss of serenity and greenery. But in return, we gain vibrancy, and we look forward to welcoming new students from the estate.

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