My School Community

Teachers, students, support officers, canteen vendors and more. A school is not complete without its community! Meet some of them through these stories.

Together as Bedok Green - OSOS 2021 Our School Community Youth winning story Together as Bedok Green
By Tantiyasawatdikul Natchaya
Bedok Green Secondary School
Teacher Facilitator: Mr Sim Chun Siang

Every member of the BGSS family is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Our security uncle ensures our safety every morning despite heavy traffic or bad weather. Teachers are ever ready to impart knowledge and take care of us physically and mentally. The cleaning lady maintains a conducive environment for us. Our general office staff are always there whenever we have queries. Our canteen vendors, too, always greet us with bright smiles. If just one piece of the puzzle is missing, our BGSS family will not be complete. 
Happiness in trying times - OSOS 2021 My School Community Youth Honourable Mention Happiness in trying times
By Chan Carmen, Shafrin Aini Binte Oli Mohamed & Sean Manish Adhikari
Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School
Teacher Facilitator: Mr Goh Aik Chuan

This photo story depicts a story of endurance and hope despite the odds being against us during a pandemic. Even through the toughest times, with perseverance and determination, we march on, play on, and keep going. We took these photos to show that hope will always shine through.
Ordinary school life - OSOS 2021 My School Community Youth Honourable Mention Ordinary school life
By Darrin Peck Joon Yang
Commonwealth Secondary School
Teacher Facilitator: Mr Sun Guang Zhou

School life is significant in a student’s holistic growth. It plays an essential role in widening our outlook as students while shaping our morals and values. It also lets us discover new insights every day, gain memorable experiences and learn to communicate with people from all walks of life. Even during these new trying times, it does not stop us from learning, having fun, and building a spirit of togetherness.

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