Singapore is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Like other urban cities, Singapore faces the challenges of meeting the growing travel demands to support the economy and the needs of its citizens against the constraints of physical space. With more than 12.5 millions journeys made daily, you will get a chance to change the way Singapore moves.

Growth Opportunities

By 2030, Singapore aims for at least 85 per cent of public transport commuters to complete their journey within 60 minutes during the morning peak hours, from the time they set out on their journey to their destination (i.e. “door-to-door” journey time), up from 63 per cent.

Singapore will double its rail network by 2030, and will have a network that is denser than London or New York. On top of that, Singapore will increase its Bus services in order to meet the increase in commuter demand. Scholars who join the industry will get numerous opportunities to grow and develop themselves as well as solve exciting transport challenges.

Fun Facts

By 2030, Singapore’s rail network length will total at 360km. This is longer than Tokyo’s rail network (304km) and slightly shorter than New York (373km).

There are more than 5,000 public buses plying the roads in Singapore today, covering more than 3.2 million bus journeys daily.

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