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Explore pathways and understand posting process

1. What to consider

When choosing a suitable pathway, it is important to consider the academic and non-academic factors:

Course types, subjects and programmes
Course types, subjects, and programmes

The different pathways offer a range of course types, subjects, and programmes that cater to diverse learning interests, styles, and aspirations.

JCs and MI

Education in JCs and MI prepares students for the GCE A-Level certificate or the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma.

To be admitted into a 2-year A-Level or IB diploma course in JCs, or a 3-year A-Level course in MI, you must meet the specific subject requirements and L1R5 or L1R4 aggregate scores.

Once admitted, you will take specific subjects and may apply for programmes as part of the curriculum. 

After completing the course, you may proceed to a university, polytechnic or an arts institution.


Students will gain hands-on and practice-based learning experience through 3-year polytechnic diploma courses in various fields of study.

Learn more about the ELR2B2 net aggregate score and minimum entry requirements of courses.

After completing the course, you may proceed to a university, an arts institution or enter the workforce.


Students will receive technical and vocational education through 2-year Higher Nitec courses in various fields of study.

Learn more about the minimum entry requirements of 2-year Higher Nitec courses.

After completing the course, you may proceed to a polytechnic or enter the workforce.

Financial matters
Financial matters
JCs and MI

Eligible Singapore Citizens who need financial support can apply for financial assistance scheme and bursaries. Once admitted, you can apply for or may be nominated for scholarships and awards.

Polytechnics and ITE

Eligible students can apply for the different forms of financial assistance to fund their studies in polytechnics or ITE. You can also apply for sponsorships and training awards, and may receive Edusave Awards for achievements in the polytechnic or ITE.

Co-curricular activities
Co-curricular activities

The different institutions offer various co-curricular activities (CCAs) to nurture diverse interests and potential.

JCs and MI

You can use SchoolFinder to learn about the CCAs offered and visit the individual websites of the JCs or MI to learn more about other school-specific programmes.

Polytechnics and ITE

Visit the respective website of the institution.

Special educational needs
Special educational needs

If you have special educational needs for example, hearing loss, visual or physical impairment, choose a school with specialised facilities or resources that can support you.

Learn more about the support available:

You can find tools and resources on the education and career guidance page to support your planning and decision-making process.

Revisit information for the different pathways: