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Last Updated: 07 February 2024

Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE)

Through this exercise, eligible GCE O-Level certificate holders can apply online for admissions into junior colleges (JCs), Millennia Institute (MI), polytechnics, and Institute of Technical Education (ITE). Learn about the process, how to prepare and apply.

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The 2024 JAE has ended. Details of the 2025 JAE will be updated by October 2024.


The JAE is conducted in January after the release of GCE O-Level results.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for admissions into JCs, MI, polytechnics or ITE by submitting your online application through the JAE Internet System (JAE-IS).

Who is eligible

There are different considerations for eligibility. Select your profile to learn more:

[collapsible title="I am a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident"]

You can participate in the JAE by using O-Level examination results from any year.

You have 2023 O-Level examination results
  • You will receive an email to inform you of your eligibility to participate in the JAE.
  • You will also receive Form A of the courses that you are eligible to apply through JAE.
You have O-Level examinations results from different years before 2023
  • You can log in to JAE-IS and submit a request to compute your eligible courses based on the O-Level results from any 2 years.
  • If you have taken the same subject in both years, the better grade of the 2 sittings will be used to compute your aggregate score.
You were admitted to a course in JC, MI, polytechnic, or ITE previously through JAE or other admission exercises
  • You can only apply for courses in other institution types.
  • For example, if you are a current or ex-JC student, you are not eligible to apply for JC courses in the upcoming JAE. You can only apply to courses in MI, polytechnic, and ITE.
[/collapsible] [collapsible title="I am an international student"]
  • You are eligible to participate in the JAE only if you have taken the 2023 O-Level examinations as a student in a government, government-aided or independent secondary school in Singapore.
  • You are not eligible for JAE if you are private candidate or studying in other types of school.
[notecard type="note"] You can use SchoolFinder to check your school type. [/notecard] [/collapsible]

Who is not eligible

[collapsible title="If you have a confirmed place in an institution through a direct or early admission exercise"] [/collapsible] [collapsible title="If you are a current Higher Nitec student seeking re-admission to ITE"]

You should approach ITE directly.

You should not apply for 2-Year Higher Nitec courses through the 2024 JAE if you:

  • Had to leave your ITE course due to disciplinary reasons within the past 2 years.
  • Are a Higher Nitec graduate who graduated on or after 1 May 2023.
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If you are not eligible to apply for any courses through the JAE, you can consider other admission exercises and programmes for entry to the different Post-Secondary Education Institutions.

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Explore pathways and understand posting process

Learn more about the academic and non-academic factors to consider as you decide on a suitable post-secondary pathway, and how the posting process works.

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With the availability and easy access to online information about the JAE application and posting process, JAE course types and details, we have discontinued the JAE information booklet from 2023. You can find up-to-date information about:

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Verify your CCA records

Ensure that the CCA attainment in your CCA record is accurate. Inform your school of any discrepancies.

[/timelineitem] [timelineitem label="2pm on Thu, 11 Jan 2024"]

Release of O-Level results

If you have taken the 2023 O-Level examinations, you will receive an email on your eligibility to participate in the JAE on the afternoon of the day of O-Level results release.

If you are eligible for JAE, the same email will include Form A which has:

  • Your gross aggregate scores for JC, MI, polytechnic and ITE aggregate types.
  • The courses that you are eligible to apply in the JAE.
[/timelineitem] [timelineitem label="6 calendar days starting from the day of the O-Level results release" id="apply"]


Before the JAE application period, apply for a Singpass. You can only submit your application through the JAE-IS using Singpass. JAE PIN will no longer be issued to access JAE-IS.

The JAE application starts from 4pm on Thursday, 11 January 2024 and ends at 4pm on Tuesday, 16 January 2024.

During this period, you must submit your application through the JAE-IS (24-hour availability).

[button type="primary" size="medium" shape="normal" linktype="open-window-link" url="https://www.jae-is.moe.gov.sg/jaecandidate/singpass/CddtSPLogin.jsp" isdisabled="yes"]

[/timelineitem] [timelineitem label="9 am on Thu, 1 Feb 2024"]

Release of posting results

JAE posting results will be released through:

  • SMS, if you have provided a local mobile number in your application.
  • JAE-IS, which you can access using your Singpass.

Learn more about accessing your posting results.

[/timelineitem] [timelineitem label="By end Feb 2024"]

Acceptance of offer

  • If posted to a JC or MI course

    Report to the JC or MI on the morning of Friday, 2 February in your secondary school uniform.

  • If posted to a polytechnic course

    You will receive an enrolment email or card sent to your residential address by end February. It contains instructions on the enrolment process.

  • If posted to an ITE course

    You will receive an email with the enrolment instructions on Thursday, 1 February.

Learn more about what to do after you receive your posting results.

[/timelineitem] [timelineitem label="From Thu, 1 Feb 2024"]

Appeal process

  • To appeal for a place in a JC or MI

    Approach the school of your choice directly.

  • To appeal for a place in a polytechnic or the ITE

    Apply on JAE Online Appeal Portal from 9am on Thursday, 1 February to 4pm on Tuesday, 6 February.

Find out how to submit an appeal.

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