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Priceless Moments

Years of school life are made up of countless little moments. Stories in this category show us the moments that were priceless in the eyes of the photographers.

More than just a sport - OSOS 2021 Youth Priceless Moments winning story More than just a sport
By Xavier Ng
Dunman High School
Teacher Facilitator: Mr Ivan David Ng Qi Fan

In Dunman High, our soccer players forge unbreakable friendships even as they come from different backgrounds. Through afternoons of intense training and a healthy sense of competition, players form memories that they would hold dear forever. Even when they move on from Dunman High, there is much to reminisce about; beautiful and exciting moments, bathed in nostalgia and camaraderie. For our soccer team, sports is a language that creates brotherhood and inextricable bonds. 
The new normal of PE in Yishun Innova JC - OSOS 2021 Youth Priceless Moments The new normal of PE in Yishun Innova JC
By Ong Yu Han, Emyr Uzayr Bin Mohamed Sadri & Muhammad Rafee Saffar Witoyo
Yishun Innova Junior College
Teacher Facilitator: Mr Abdul Hadi Bin Abdul Wahab

Physical Education (PE) lessons are avenues of escape from our hectic school life. They allow us to have fun while staying healthy. Sports and physical training provide us with opportunities for self-development, be it in the physically or in terms of values. Despite having safe management measures in place due to the pandemic, YIJC’s PE teachers are still able to make lessons fruitful and engaging for us with their comprehensive PE modules. 
A new chapter - OSOS 2021 Youth Priceless Moments A new chapter
By Amelia Yew Ning & Kenan Chin Wui En
St Andrew’s Junior College
Teacher Facilitator: Ms Kwan Pei Sze Julia

Orientation heralds the end of an era; the last bastion of high school ebullience before the plunge into Junior College. Though it passes in the blink of an eye, it holds a special place in the hearts of many. It lays the foundation for new friendships to blossom and fond memories to be forged as we eventually push past nervousness and anxiety in our new environment. Together, these priceless moments encapsulate the essence of Orientation.

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