Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA): Funds balance and usage

Learn how to check the balance in the Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA), and how the funds can be used.

How to check account balance

Call our 24-hour automated PSEA hotline at 6260 0777 to check your account balance.

How the funds can be used

Funds can be used to pay for account holder's or their siblings' approved programmes at approved institutions. It can also be used to repay government education loans and financial schemes.

The PSEA cannot be used for junior college and Millenia Institute expenses. Students in these schools may use their Edusave Account for such expenses instead. For additional help, students can seek financial assistance or apply for awards and scholarships.
Approved institutions and programmes Loans and approved financing schemes

PSEA funds can be used to repay the outstanding principal loan and interest charged to the government education loans such as:

It can also be used to repay approved financing schemes such as loans under the CPF Education Loan Scheme taken for studies in autonomous universities, polytechnics, ITE, and art institutions.

  • To use the PSEA funds for repayment, students must have left the institution. Current students can use their PSEA funds to pay for the approved school fees and charges of their institution.
  • PSEA funds cannot be used for loans or amounts that had already been paid.

How to apply to use the funds

Submit an application online using Singpass.

A parent or legal guardian must submit the application on behalf of an account holder who is below 21 years old.