Engineering is a core enabler for many industries such as complex equipment, marine, aerospace, oil & gas, and medical devices. It is the skill that enables us to design and build complex components for sophisticated machinery; from the tiniest semiconductor chips to mechanical hearts; to sturdy drill bits for deep sea exploration to complicated aircraft engines. Singapore accounts for about 10% of global output for refrigeration compressors, 30% of global output for hearing aids, and about 70% of wire bonders used in the semiconductor industry. The island is the leading location in the region for the production of oil and gas equipment, as well as aerospace maintenance repair and overhaul.

Growth Opportunities

With its proximity and unmatched connectivity to the leading growth markets of the world, and a commitment to developing engineering talent with the right kind of expertise, Singapore aims to become a hub that develops engineering solutions for the most pressing challenges in the world. Its excellent connectivity and strong man-power base enables companies here to engineer and manage complex projects round-the-clock in major markets around the world. In addition, Singapore also has the most extensive network of free trade agreements in Asia, giving Singapore-based companies better access to emerging markets.

Singapore’s engineering activities began in the 1970s to support the first manufacturing investments. Singapore’s engineering sector comprises a range of companies from contract manufacturers to full solution providers, who offer design, prototyping, production and supply chain management capabilities. The engineering sector’s unique strengths are key reasons for Singapore’s global leadership position in areas such as aerospace, semiconductor equipment and oil & gas equipment.

Engineering is also flourishing in Singapore, as companies leverage on Singapore’s strong supplier base and vast connectivity to the region. And most importantly, Singapore’s well-established research and development infrastructure allows companies to gain competitive advantages over their competitors.

Fun Facts

Today, there are some 2,700 companies, ranging from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large multinational corporations (MNCs) in the engineering sector. Singapore also plays host to the headquarters and R&D functions of many of these companies.

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