AEM Singapore Pte Ltd

AEM Holdings Ltd (“AEM” or the Company”) is listed on the main board of Stock Exchange of Singapore since 2000 (Reuters: AEM.SI, Bloomberg: AEM SP). The Company aims to be a leading global provider of equipment system solutions and manufacturing services.

They offer a broad and growing innovative portfolio of engineering-focused and manufacturing solutions worldwide. Their diversified products and solutions share the following core principles that power their business growth:

Technology that makes a difference

All AEM's products use differentiated technology to allow their customers to manufacture faster and more accurately, with better quality and less waste. By concentrating their research and development on innovative technology, they have proven capability to keep pace with a rapidly evolving global manufacturing economy.

Delivering the 5G world

They focus on manufacturers who deliver groundbreaking products for the 5G world. By partnering with 5G manufacturers, they ensure that their customers represent the most vibrant growth opportunities in the manufacturing economy, and that their solutions continue to lead the industry in manufacturing productivity.

Strategic customer partnerships

The complex and evolving needs of their customers require long-term and strategic partnership for advanced manufacturing. They pride themselves in their long relationships with their global customers.

In AEM, they believe in giving back to the society in nurturing talents and grooming next generation of talents to aspire and generate more ideas and innovations to drive the growth of the economy.

Preferred courses of study

Engineering (Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Information Technology, Electrical Power Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Product Development, Engineering Science, Engineering Systems & Design, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Design Engineering, Mechanical Design & Manufacturing Engineering, Mechatronics)