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Secondary 1 (S1): How to choose schools

2. Based on your child's strengths, interests, learning styles and PSLE results, you may want to think about:

School culture
School culture

Visit schools' websites and their open houses to have a sense of the different schools’ culture, ethos and environment.

Posting Groups

Depending on your child’s PSLE score, they will be posted to secondary school through three Posting Groups - Posting Groups 1, 2 and 3. Posting Groups are only used for the purpose of posting students into secondary school and to guide the initial subject levels that they can offer at the start of Secondary 1. Learn more about Posting Groups under Full SBB.

  • If your child is offered only one Posting Group, they are not allowed to choose another Posting Group.
  • If your child is offered a Posting Group option with two Posting Groups, either Posting Group 3 and Posting Group 2 or Posting Group 2 and Posting Group 1, they must choose one Posting Group before submitting their school choices. The chosen Posting Group will apply to all the school choices, i.e. they cannot submit school choices with a mix of Posting Groups.

Students posted through Posting Group 3 will be offered the more academically demanding subject level (i.e. most subjects at G3), followed by those in Posting Group 2 (i.e. most subjects at G2) and Posting Group 1 (i.e. most subjects at G1) at the start of Secondary 1.

PSLE Score Posting Groups Indicative level for most subjects at start of Secondary 1 
4 - 20  G3 
 21 and 22 2 or 3 G2 or G3 
 23 and 24 G2
25 1 or 2 G1 or G2
26 - 30
(with AL7 in English and
 1  G1

Note: Choose only schools that offer the Posting Group that you are eligible for, so that you do not waste your options. User SchoolFinder to explore schools.

Programmes, subjects and CCAs offered
Programmes, subjects and Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) offered

Secondary schools offer various programmes, subjects and CCAs to develop students in various areas. Choose schools which offer CCAs and learning programmes that can nurture your child in their areas of interest and develop their potential.

Location and transportation
Location and transportation

Think about transportation options, such as how your child will get to school and the travelling time required.

School type
School type

Choose a school type (for example, government, government-aided, independent) that suits your child. If your child is a Singapore Citizen, financial assistance and scholarships are available to help them attend the school of their choice.

Special Assistance Plan (SAP) Schools
Special Assistance Plan (SAP) Schools

SAP schools aim to deliver a bilingual and bicultural education through a learning environment steeped in Chinese culture and language. If your child has taken both English and Chinese language subjects at the PSLE, they may opt for SAP schools. Students posted to SAP schools are required to take Higher Chinese Language or Chinese Language so that they can participate meaningfully in SAP school programmes.

Affiliated schools
Affiliated schools

For priority admission to the affiliated secondary school, your child must indicate that school as first choice. However, admission is not guaranteed as it is still subject to the availability of places. Some secondary schools may also have additional qualifying criteria for students from their affiliated primary schools.

For dual-track schools offering both Integrated Programme (IP) and the Singapore-Cambridge Secondary Education Certificate (SEC) Programme, affiliation considerations will only be given for SEC Programme.

Learn how affiliation priority works when Primary School A is affiliated to Secondary School A:

Scenario 1

  • 1st choice: Secondary School A - SEC Programme
  • 2nd choice: Secondary School A - Integrated Programme

Affiliation priority will be given only for the 1st choice.

Scenario 2

  • 1st choice: Secondary School A - Integrated Programme
  • 2nd choice: Secondary School A - SEC Programme

Affiliation priority will be given only for the 2nd choice.

Scenario 3

  • 1st choice: Secondary School B - Integrated Programme
  • 2nd choice: Secondary School A - SEC Programme

No affiliation priority will be given.

Note: At least 20% of the places in each Posting Group of each school will be allocated to students who do not benefit from affiliation priority.

The GCE O-Level and N-Level Programmes will be replaced by the SEC Programme from 2027.

Learn more about SEC and Full SBB.