Primary 1 registration for international students

2. Indicate your interest

To register your child for P1, you will first need to indicate your interest by filling up an online form, available here from 9am on Tuesday, 31 May 2022 to 4.30pm on Monday, 6 June 2022.

If you need to amend the particulars provided in your form, you will have to resubmit a new form. Only the latest submitted form will be considered.

You can use this guide(826KB) to help you prepare the information required to successfully complete the online form.
The period for indicating your interest is over.

If you need to amend the particulars provided in your submitted form, please fill up our online amendment form. You may be required to upload a copy of the supporting document for the amendment.

If you want to withdraw your application, please fill up our online withdrawal form. You will need to upload a copy of the acknowledgement email of your initial online indication of interest.

Note: By withdrawing your application, your child will not be able to participate in the Phase 3 registration in October. However, if your child becomes a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident during the P1 Registration Exercise from July to August, they can participate in the phase they are eligible for.

What you need to know

  • An indication of interest is not considered registration. It is also not first come, first served. 
  • Admission is not guaranteed due to limited vacancies, as priority is given to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.
  • You cannot proceed with registration and we will not consider any appeals if you miss the submission deadline to indicate your interest. If this happens, or if your child is subsequently not offered a place in a mainstream school, you may wish to consider alternatives, such as private schools.
  • Posting results are final and appeals will not be considered. Schools will also not accept any walk-in applications for admissions or transfers.

Information required 

Prepare the following information before indicating your interest:
  • Child's personal particulars.
  • Child’s passport number or Foreign Identification Number (FIN).
  • Details from child’s immigration exemption order, Dependant’s Pass, Student’s Pass, or Long-Term Visit Pass. 
  • Both parents' personal particulars.
  • A valid email.
  • (Optional) A Singapore mobile number.
  • A Singapore address where the child is or will be residing.
  • Personal particulars of your child's elder sibling, if they are studying in a national school in Singapore.

Documents you need to upload

You must upload soft copy of the following documents during your indication of interest: 

  • Child’s birth certificate (an English translated copy is required if it is in another language).
  • Child’s passport bio-data page. This is the page that shows the child's personal particulars and photo, and passport details.
  • Parents' NRIC front and back, for Singapore Citizen parent.
  • Parents' marriage certificate, where applicable.
  • Documents must be clear and legible, in PDF or JPG format, and each cannot exceed 1MB.
  • We will contact you if additional documents are required.
  • The website may experience high traffic during the first 2 days of submission. If you are unable to access the submission link, please try again at a later time during the submission period.
  • Please complete the form in English only.