Social Science and Humanities Research Fellowship Launched at 4th Start Award Ceremony

Published Date: 14 August 2018 12:00 AM

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1. The Social Science and Humanities Research (SSHR) Fellowship was launched today by Minister for Education Mr Ong Ye Kung at the 4th Singapore Teaching and Academic Research Talent Scheme (START) Award Ceremony.

2. At the same time, 14 Singaporean students keen on pursuing research and academic careers have received scholarships and awards under START this year. Details of the various START schemes and the list of recipients can be found in Annex A.

About SSHR Fellowship

3. The SSHR Fellowship is part of the Social Science Research Council’s (SSRC) efforts to nurture local talent, and to strengthen the social science and humanities research ecosystem in Singapore. The SSHR Fellowship is the SSRC’s first talent development scheme. It supports promising Singaporean social science and humanities researchers in the early stages of their academic careers in our Autonomous Universities (AUs). Through the provision of a research grant, the Fellowship helps to develop their research expertise, and to build up their research careers.

4. The SSHR Fellowship is an important addition to MOE’s scholarship and grant ecosystem, which includes START. Awardees of the SSHR Fellowship will receive a research grant of up to S$1 million over five years to undertake a research project in any social science and humanities discipline. Details of the eligibility criteria, evaluation criteria and terms of the SSHR Fellowship can be found in Annex B.

5. Chairman of the SSRC, Mr Peter Ho, said: “The Social Science and Humanities Research Fellowship provides a new opportunity for promising Singaporean researchers to deepen their research experience and advance their careers. It is an important step in building our social science and humanities research ecosystem, where we hope to see more Singaporeans represented. We look forward to ambitious, innovative and impactful research coming out of this initiative.”

6. Mr Ho added: “Given the complex and multi-faceted problems facing our world today, quality research in the social sciences and humanities can help us better understand the challenges that affect societies in Singapore and around the world.”


7. START supports young Singaporeans keen on pursuing an academic career at our AUs. It also aims to help our AUs strengthen their pool of academic talent in both research and teaching, by providing a suite of scholarships and support options for undergraduates, postgraduates and PhD holders interested in academia.

8. At the undergraduate level, the MOE-AU Scholarship sponsors students’ undergraduate studies at local or overseas institutions. Recipients also receive academic mentorship and developmental opportunities from their paired AU. At the postgraduate level, selected postgraduate faculty development schemes support outstanding students as they pursue PhD and postdoctoral programmes at top overseas institutions, before they return to serve at our AUs. For PhD holders, Early Career Awards enable aspiring academics to gain valuable teaching and research experience at the AUs, so as to help them establish a competitive portfolio for their future application and appointment as faculty members at our AUs.

9. START accepts applications for scholarships yearly. The next application cycle for the MOE-AU Scholarship will commence in September 2018. Updates will be posted on our website, at Alternatively, queries can be sent to

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