Finance and Procurement Division

Formulates and manages all policies concerning budget, fees and funding. It also handles procurement and tender related matters for individual schools and the main MOE HQ office.

The Finance & Procurement Division comprises of the following departments:

  • Finance Department
  • Procurement Department



  • Oversees all MOE funding policies relating to HQ, schools, MKs and institutions of higher learning.
  • Formulate policies relating to fees, student finance and financial assistance schemes.
  • Manages MOE annual budget and MOE’s block budget.
  • Administer MOE funds, charities and fund raising matters.
  • Provides quality and effective systems and operation support to schools in the administration of Edusave and PSEA schemes, revenue operations, School Fund and pupil financial services.
  • Discharges the Collector of Public Moneys function for MOE HQ.


  • Oversees all procurement policies relating to HQ and schools.
  • Manages demand aggregation contracts and infrastructure consultancy tenders.
  • Handles schools tenders and supports HQ in the procurement process.
  • Secretariat to Tenders Boards and evaluates all tender recommendations
  • Provides dedicated support to schools to manage more complex finance and procurement matters.

Financial statements and reports