SingHealth drives the transformation of healthcare and provides affordable, accessible, quality healthcare. With over 40 clinical specialties, a network of acute hospitals, national specialty centres, polyclinics and community hospitals, it delivers comprehensive, multidisciplinary and integrated care. As part of the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre, SingHealth works with Duke-NUS Medical School to advance medical research and education to improve patient care.

Potential career path and developmental opportunities for scholars

Scholars in healthcare administration will be groomed to take on various roles in SingHealth. Depending on the course of study and job availability, scholars will have the opportunity to work in and take on various administrative roles in Corporate functions (Finance, Human Resources, Education, Research, Clinical and Hospital Operations, etc.) so as to develop a deeper understanding of the different aspects of public healthcare. Scholars with high scholastic achievements will be placed under the Healthcare Management Executive Programme to be groomed for leadership roles.

Preferred courses of study

All courses (excluding Healthcare-related disciplines and Law).

Note: For students who wish to study psychology, please note that you will not be practicing as a clinical psychologist upon graduation.