National Healthcare Group

The National Healthcare Group (NHG) is a leader in public healthcare in Singapore, recognised at home and abroad for the quality of its medical expertise and facilities. Care is provided through an integrated network of six primary care polyclinics, acute care and tertiary hospitals, national specialty centres and business divisions. Together they bring a rich legacy of medical expertise to our philosophy of integrated patient-centred care.

NHG's vision is “Adding Years of Healthy Life'. This vision goes beyond merely healing the sick to the more difficult and infinitely more rewarding task of preventing illness and preserving health and quality of life. With some 20,000 staff, NHG aims to provide care that is patient-centric, accessible, seamless, comprehensive, appropriate and cost-effective.

As the Regional Health System (RHS) for Central Singapore, it is vital for NHG to partner and collaborate with stakeholders, community advisors, and voluntary welfare organisations. Together with their patients, the patients' families and caregivers, NHG aims to deliver integrated healthcare services and programmes that help in Adding Years of Healthy Life to all concerned.

Members of NHG:

Potential career path and developmental opportunities for scholars

Public healthcare is a sunrise industry which provides a unique opportunity for staff to have a deep and meaningful impact on the people we serve. Under Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS), it is the only multi-industry scholarship in partnership with the Singapore Government to groom the next generation of young talents who aspire to be the leaders of tomorrow in the healthcare sector. Scholars will be offered significant and diverse opportunities to be exposed to a variety of roles in their employing organisation.

To maximise one’s potential, opportunities will be provided for scholars to hone their leadership skills and knowledge. Mentorship, developmental projects and structured training programmes will also be provided to enhance their career prospects. These exposures will provide the scholar with valuable insights into the public healthcare landscape and offer individuals more than just a first-hand experience of contributing to the healthcare industry.

Preferred courses of study

All courses (excluding Healthcare-related disciplines).

Note: For students who wish to study psychology, please note that you will not be practicing as a clinical psychologist upon graduation.