Energy and Natural Resources

The energy sector is responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity and gas to businesses and homes. Some exciting job opportunities include power generation operations, network development and energy trading.

Upcoming major initiatives include the building of Singapore’s second Liquefied Natural Gas terminal, and the deployment of innovative smart grid technologies. These developments, coupled with ageing demographics, have increased demand for fresh talent in a stable sector that is resilient against economic conditions.

Aside from energy, Singapore also aims to be a nerve centre that plays a part in fulfilling global demand for natural resources. With trends of global consumption shifting from the West to the Asia Pacific, Singapore's strategic position in resource-rich Asia makes it a choice location for world-class natural resource companies.

The sector is also attractive from the perspective of professional growth and development, offering a range of technical and functional upgrade courses, team-building and leadership development programmes. Besides core technical/engineering skills, the energy & natural resources sector requires people in varied functions such as trading and project management.

Growth Opportunities

The energy sector plays a critical role in powering Singapore’s economy by keeping the lights on and gas flowing. It is evolving rapidly, fuelled by the rise of the renewables, and technological changes. These developments present exciting opportunities for youths who are keen to join the energy sector.

Major upcoming initiatives include the building of Singapore's second Liquefied Natural Gas terminal and the deployment of innovative smart grid technologies.

With the Open Electricity Market, about 1.4 million households and business accounts will have more choice and flexibility when buying electricity, while being provided with the same electricity supply through the national power grid.

Today, Singapore’s energy sector offers competitive salaries, invests heavily in workforce training and has low turnover. Besides a rewarding career, you also have an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the country. Join us today and be part of the strong Singaporean core workforce in the energy sector!

Fun Facts

  • The first supply of electricity in Singapore can be traced back to 1906, when the Mackenzie Road Power Station came into operation.
  • Built in 1927 by the British, St James Power Station first served as a coal-fired power station, supplying electricity to shipyards, industries and residences nearby. It was also Singapore’s first municipal power station.

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