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Learning your Mother Tongue Language while living overseas

You are encouraged to help your child keep up with learning their Mother Tongue Language (MTL) while living overseas. Learn how to do it and what to do once your child returns to school in Singapore.


As a Singaporean living overseas, your child is highly encouraged to study their MTL. This can help them adapt more easily when they return to school in Singapore.

How to do it

If you have applied for a Leave of Absence (LOA) for your child, you can approach the school for the LOA package which contains a guide on MTL Learning.

Your child can also access additional MTL teaching and learning resources through the Student Learning Space (SLS). Find out how to apply for an SLS account.

Foundation MTL

If your child is not ready for the Standard MTL curriculum when they return to school in Singapore, there is the option for Foundation MTL from Primary 5.

The focus for Foundation MTL is to develop your child's oral, listening and reading skills, with some emphasis on writing. Lessons will be tailored to support your child's progress.