Accessing SLS

Find out how the SLS can be accessed and the support that is available.

Local students

Students from Singapore schools and educational institutions funded by the Singapore Government have access to the SLS.

Young overseas Singaporeans

MOE is committed to providing young overseas Singaporeans (aged 7 to 16) with access to the SLS to help them keep in touch with the national curriculum. This helps them make a smooth transition back to the national school system when they return.

Young overseas Singaporeans can obtain access as follows: 

  • Students on Leave of Absence (LOA) from a Singapore school should request for continued access to the SLS through the school.
  • Young overseas Singaporeans who are not on LOA from a Singapore school but intend to return to Singapore’s education system can apply for access to the SLS through this application form.

System requirements

The SLS is accessible through internet browsers on Windows PCs, Mac computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Due to the responsive nature of the site, the layout of the components on the website will appear differently on different devices.

The recommended operating systems and browsers are: 

 Operating System  Browser
 Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1
  • Google Chrome 75 and later
 Microsoft Windows 10
  • Google Chrome 75 and later
  • Microsoft Edge 18 and later
 Mac OS 10.12 and later
  • Safari 12 and later
  • Google Chrome 75 and later
 iOS 12 and later
  • Safari 12 and later
  • Google Chrome 75 and later
 Android 10 and later
  • Google Chrome 75 and later
 Chrome OS 87 and later
  • Google Chrome 87 and later

Technical support

If you are unable to access the SLS, you can:

Tel: (65) 6702 6513

Operating Hours
Monday to Friday: 
4pm to 9pm (school days)
9am to 9pm (school holidays)

9am to 3pm (closed on Sundays and public holidays)