Last Updated: 20 December 2021

Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP)

2. Eligibility criteria

You will need a gross ELMAB3 score of 12 points or less, excluding CCA bonus points, for the N-Level examinations. There will also be specific requirements based on your preferred courses.

If you have taken the O-Level examinations for some subjects

If you have sat for any subjects at the 2021 O-Level examinations, or Mother Tongue at the 2020 O-Level examinations, you may convert these grades to compute your ELMAB3 aggregate score.

The following conversion will be used:

O-Level grade Aggregate point for PFP
A1 to B3 1
B4 to C6 2
D7 3
  • O-Level grades of E8 and F9 do not count towards your ELMAB3 aggregate score. If you have taken the same subject at both the N-Level and O-Level examinations, the better grade will be used to compute your ELMAB3 aggregate score to determine eligibility.
  • Eligibility does not guarantee placement in a PFP course. Placement is based on merit and subject to the availability of vacancies. Learn more about the eligibility requirements.