Direct School Admission for junior colleges (DSA-JC)

7. Cancel or withdraw from DSA-JC

If you want to cancel or withdraw your DSA-JC acceptance, you must:

  1. Get a softcopy of the cancellation form from the DSA school which you have accepted the offer.
  2. Email the completed cancellation form back to the same school.

The DSA school will notify you on the outcome of your cancellation request via email.

Documents required

You are required to submit the following documents together with the cancellation form:

  1. The school offer letter.
  2. The completed acceptance form submitted to the school.
  3. The school’s acknowledgement email of your acceptance.
  4. A copy of your parent’s NRIC, FIN or passport.

If you have cancelled a previous DSA-JC acceptance and wish to accept a new DSA-JC offer

You must attach the DSA school’s email that confirmed the cancellation of your previous DSA-JC acceptance, before you are allowed to accept a new DSA-JC offer.