Pre-School Children with Hearing Loss to Benefit from Dedicated Support at MOE Kindergarten@Mayflower

Published Date: 12 November 2020 12:00 PM

News Press Releases

1. The MOE Kindergarten at Mayflower Primary School (MK@MF) will provide dedicated support for children with hearing loss (HL) who require early signing instruction. This was announced by Minister of State for Education Ms Sun Xueling during her visit to Mayflower Primary School (MFPS) today. This specialised support, which is provided for the first time at an MOE Kindergarten, will better prepare pre-school children who need HL (Signing) support to access the national curriculum from young. The support at MK@MF will be available from the 2022 K1 cohort onwards.1

2. Since 2018, MFPS has been the designated primary school for children with HL who require signing instruction. However, there is currently no designated pre-school to provide similar support to children of pre-school age. To facilitate the successful transition of children with HL (Signing) into Primary One and ensure a good start at the next phase of their education, MOE will now extend the specialised support provisions for these children in MFPS to MK@MF.

3. At MK@MF, the HL (Signing) programme will support children with moderate-to-profound hearing loss to build basic first language proficiency in Singapore Sign Language (SgSL). Through a dedicated signing teacher, the children will have access to instructions in SgSL to build their signing proficiency in order to learn the MK curriculum. While they learn the same curriculum as their hearing peers, HL (Signing) children can also access Speech and Language therapy and audiological services they need.

4. There are also opportunities for the children to participate in activities and events organised for the hearing loss community. The children will benefit from interactions with their hearing peers in and outside of MK classroom lessons, enabling them to develop greater self-confidence and social skills.

5. The provision of HL (Signing) support at MK@MF complements the existing provisions in all MOE Kindergartens, which already support children with mild developmental delays who are able to learn in a group of 20 children. MOE will continue to meet the needs of children who require additional support and ensure their smooth transition to the next phase of education.

6. Information on the admission process for children with HL (Signing) to MK@MF will be released in February 2021.

  1. MK@MF begins operations from 2021.
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