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Last Updated: 22 November 2023

Studying in Singapore

Learn about the different considerations before you decide to let your child study in Singapore.

Before you seek admission to our mainstream schools, think about:

Familiarity with English Language

Our mainstream schools use English as the language of classroom instructions.

The centralised admission tests will be conducted in English. Applicants should be familiar with the English and Mathematics syllabuses of the level preceding the one they are applying for. For example, if your child is sitting for the Primary 4 test, they should be familiar with the Primary 3 syllabus.

If successfully admitted, you should prepare your child for a new school environment and familiarise them with the curriculum of the level that they are admitted at.

Education level

Your child should not be more than 2 years older than the appropriate age for that education level.

Education level Appropriate age as at 1 Jan of admission year
Primary 1 6 to 6+
Primary 2 7 to 7+
Primary 3 8 to 8+
Primary 4 9 to 9+
Primary 5 10 to 10+
Primary 6 New students are generally not admitted at this level.
Secondary 1 12 to 12+
Secondary 2 13 to 13+
Secondary 3 14 to 14+
Secondary 4 New students are generally not admitted at this level.
Secondary 5 New students are generally not admitted at this level.
Pre-University 1 16 to 16+
Pre-University 2 New students are generally not admitted at this level.
Pre-University 3 New students are generally not admitted at this level.
Student's Pass

Your child will need a Student's Pass to study in our mainstream schools, unless they hold a valid Long-Term Visit Pass, Dependant's Pass or Immigration Exemption Order. Learn how to apply for a Student's Pass.

Vaccination requirements

Your child is required to fulfil the diphtheria and measles vaccination requirements if they are:

  • 12 years old and below.
  • Not born in Singapore.
  • Applying for long-term immigration passes, such as Student's Pass.

You have to obtain a Verification of Vaccination Requirement (VR) document from the Health Promotion Board before you can apply for the Student's Pass. Learn more about it.

Caregiver's particulars

You are required to provide your child's caregiver's particulars to the school. Their caregiver should be either of the following:

  • Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident who is above 21 years old.
  • Parent of the child if they are in Singapore.

The caregiver must be contactable by the school as they are responsible for the child under their care. Changes in the caregiver or their particulars must be reported to the school immediately.

Taking the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)
All international students admitted to our primary schools must complete the PSLE to proceed to our secondary schools.
Exemptions from offering Chinese, Malay or Tamil as a Mother Tongue Language
All students in our mainstream schools must take a Mother Tongue Language. You can apply for exemption through the school's Principal after admission, and it will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
School fees

Monthly school fees will differ based on a student's nationality and school type. Use our school fees checker to find out more about the school fees applicable to your child.

Learn about the admission process for international students.