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Last Updated: 21 February 2022

Chinese Language Elective Programme at the Pre-University Level (CLEP-JC)

This 2-year programme in selected junior colleges is for students with aptitude and keen interest in Chinese language and literature. Learn about the programme and how to join.

The Chinese Language Elective Programme at the Pre-University Level (CLEP-JC) was introduced by the Ministry of Education in 1990 and is a 2-year programme offered in selected junior colleges. It aims to:

  • Nurture promising students to attain a high level of language proficiency in Chinese.
  • Enhance their understanding of Chinese literature. 
  • Develop students to be effectively billingual to better serve the needs of our nation.
The CLEP-JC has contributed immensely in nurturing effectively billingual talents over the years, and has seen a gradual increase in the number of students, having expanded from 2 Pre-U schools in 1990 to 5 schools today.

CLEP-JC students will be awarded a certificate of recognition after they complete the programme. Singapore Citizens may be eligible for the Chinese Language Elective Scholarship (CLES).

Who can take it

Students who have obtained at least one of the following grades in the GCE O-Level examination:

  • Grade B3 in Higher Chinese.
  • Grade B4 in Higher Chinese and B3 in Literature in Chinese (full or elective subject).
  • Grade A2 in Chinese.

Integrated Programme (IP) schools can admit IP students directly into the CLEP-JC based on their examination results for relevant subjects.

Students who apply through JAE and are selected for CLEP-JC are eligible for 2 bonus points for admission to the respective schools. Students who are admitted to CLEP-JC are required to remain in the programme regardless of whether they had utilised the 2 CLEP-JC bonus points. Otherwise, they may be asked to leave the JC. 

Course content

All students enrolled in the CLEP-JC must offer H2 Chinese Language and Literature (CLL) at A-Level. Students will also have the option to attend H3 CLL lessons as a non-examinable subject. They can subsequently choose to offer H3 CLL as an examinable subject if it is within the 12 AU cap for total examinable subjects at A-Level examination.

Supplementary materials will be provided to students with no foundation in Chinese literature.

Programme activities

Students can participate in a wide range of activities such as literary lecture series, camp, immersion trip to Beijing, Shanghai or Taipei, editing and publishing of literary works, internships and school-based projects.

Best Improvement Award

The Best Improvement Award is set up and sponsored by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning. It will be presented to 1 Singapore Citizen student each from Pre-U 1 and Pre-U 2 in all CLEP-JC schools.

Students will be considered for the award if they:

  • Show improvement in Chinese Language subjects.
  • Display passion in the learning of Chinese Language.
  • Contribute actively to CLEP.
  • Possess good character.
Awardees will each receive a cash award of $500.

Where to take it

The CLEP-JC is offered at:
  • Hwa Chong Institution (College)
  • Temasek Junior College
  • Nanyang Junior College
  • Jurong Pioneer Junior College
  • Dunman High School