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Overview of the Art Elective Programme (AEP)

Learn more about the programme’s features, offering schools and eligibility criteria.

The secondary-level AEP is a 4-year programme designed for artistically-inclined students. The AEP curriculum aims to develop students as practitioners, scholars, advocates and leaders in art.

AEP students can expect:

  • An extended and balanced art curriculum comprising studio practice and art criticism components.
  • To explore and engage with a range of materials, media and creative processes.
  • Access to specialised studio facilities, equipment and resources.
  • Learning experiences including workshops, exhibition showcases and community projects.
  • Opportunities to learn from arts industry professionals, and higher education students and staff.
  • To take Higher Art syllabus at O-Level.

The programme is largely similar across the AEP Centre and schools, with some degree of customisation at each school and centre to reflect their unique strengths and needs.

In light of the required commitment to the programme, AEP students may take AEP in place of lower secondary Design & Technology (D&T) and Food & Consumer Education (FCE) lessons to manage their curriculum time and learning load.

Express, Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) students can take the AEP if they pass the AEP selection exercise. Eligibility is subject to AEP schools’ further discretion based on other relevant considerations.

Learn more about the programme:

If you have any questions about AEP, you can contact the Arts Education Branch.

Learn more on where to take and how to join the programme.