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Professional development and career tracks for special education teachers

Learn more about the various professional development and career tracks available for special education teachers.


The SPED Teaching Profession: Journeys of Excellence Package guides the professional development and career progression of special education teachers.

The package represents a commitment from MOE and the Social Service Agencies that lead SPED to provide a clear understanding of the available career tracks and professional development opportunities in order to meet teachers’ aspirations.

The package provides information on:

  • Career tracks: More distinct career progression pathways
  • Role profiles: Clarity on SPED teacher roles and expectations.
  • Competency framework: A set of competencies with a training roadmap to build your expertise in teaching and learning.

Summary of the package

Career tracks

There are 2 career tracks to cater to different talents, abilities and aspirations of SPED teachers so as to grow deep and broad professional expertise in the SPED sector:

  • The teaching track provides professional development and advancement opportunities for SPED teachers passionate about deepening specialisation in pedagogical content knowledge and curricular areas. As a teacher-leader, you will also champion reflective practices in your school and mentor classroom teachers.
  • The leadership track provides opportunities for SPED teachers who are keen to contribute to the effective management and leadership of the SPED schools. Your role includes leading in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of school-based curriculum/programmes.
Career tracks for special education teachers

Role profiles

There are role profiles for each job role in the SPED teacher career framework. These role profiles provide detailed information on:

  • The core responsibilities of all SPED teachers in the job role.
  • The responsibilities of SPED teachers in supporting specific special educational needs.

SPED teacher competency framework

The competency framework provides key information on skills and behaviours you need to bring out the best in your students and yourself, and to achieve organisational excellence. The competency framework can help you make informed decisions on upgrading your knowledge and skills for quality teaching and learning.

SPED schools also use the competency framework as a basis to select, assess and develop teachers.

The competencies are categorised into:

  • Core competencies: Knowledge and skills you are expected to demonstrate as a SPED teacher.
  • Functional competencies: Specialised skill sets matched to supporting students with specific special educational needs. These complement the core competencies.

For detailed information

Refer to the following pages in the full guide for detailed information:

  • Pages 18 to 33 for the SPED teacher competency framework.
  • Pages 38 to 73 for SPED teacher role profiles and training roadmap with suggested courses and the related competencies.
  • Pages 74 to 98 for the core competencies and functional competencies at different proficiency levels.