Last Updated: 27 September 2021

Teaching in special education schools

Special Education (SPED) schools provide customised and well-developed support for students with moderate to severe special educational needs. Learn how to apply to be a teacher in these schools.


All special education (SPED) schools provide customised and well-developed learning support for children with higher support needs. If you have a strong interest to guide these children and youths to achieve their potential in “Living, Learning and Working”, consider becoming a SPED teacher.

As a SPED teacher, you will:

  • Design and customise teaching and learning to support these children and youths in collaboration with their families and community agencies.
  • Receive training and grow in your craft as a SPED teacher.
  • Work closely with allied professionals and teacher aides to provide quality educational experiences for students.

How SPED teachers create impact

Available positions

There are 2 positions to choose from:

  • Teacher
  • Teacher aide