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Last Updated: 15 February 2024

Teaching in Primary and Secondary schools, Junior Colleges and Centralised Institute

As teachers, you build the foundation of education. You equip students with essential skills and sound values to prepare them for life. Learn more about the programmes and schemes you can apply, to become a teacher.

Teach lessons that outlast classes

Are you keen to impact the lives of students and inspire them to reach their full potential? Do you have a strong passion for nurturing the next generation of young learners?

If your answer is yes, then join us in shaping the future in the classroom!

As a teacher, you build the foundation of education, equipping students with essential skills and sound values to prepare them for life. You will join the ranks of dedicated teachers who are committed to making a difference in the world, one student at a time.

Why join us as a Teacher?

A positive impact, in your own way.

Teachers are champions of emerging fields and meaningful causes. Infuse your passion and personal interests into your lessons. Whether it is leveraging technology to craft engaging and inventive learning experiences for students, or nurturing social and environmental consciousness through class-based or school-wide initiatives, you shape and influence students' learning in your own way.

Structured career pathways, catered to your aspirations.

Career pathways As you progress in your career in the Education Service, you may have a different aspiration from your fellow teachers. As such, the Ministry has three career tracks for you to develop and progress along different fields of excellence, namely the Teaching, School Leadership and Senior Specialist Track. Find out more here.

Furthermore, the professional development opportunities and career pathways within the ministry are diverse, catering to your needs and passions. There are opportunities for you to take on new roles, such as cross-level deployment e.g. Secondary school to Primary school transfer, or lateral transfer to an adjacent role, e.g., from a Teacher to a School or Education and Career Guidance Counsellor (ECGC).

Dynamic and evolving profession, nurturing your growth and development.

Teaching is a dynamic and ever-evolving profession that stands the test of time, brimming with opportunities for personal and professional growth. We provide a wealth of opportunities for you to acquire new knowledge, transferable skills and core competencies both within and outside of the classroom, recognising and rewarding those who commit to the profession for the long term.

Teaching is not about providing answers

Could you be the one we are looking for?

If you are an ‘A’ level holder, diploma holder, a graduate from university or an experienced professional looking for a career switch, we welcome you to apply. If you believe in moulding the future generation, join us!

Students and Graduates

Students and Graduates

For students, find out more about MOE sponsorship or scholarship opportunities.

For graduates or graduating students, join us via the:

Diploma in Education (A-Level, Polytechnic diploma or International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma holders); or

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (university degree holders, or current undergraduates).

 Experienced hires
Experienced hires

Learn about what you can expect as an experienced hire joining the teaching fraternity, and how we will support you in your journey with us.

Browse the programmes and schemes that match your skills and experience.

Start your career with us

Explore the different programmes and schemes available to help you become a teacher at primary or secondary schools, junior colleges or centralised institute.

Teacher Training programmes
Diploma in Education (DipEd)

For A-Level, Polytechnic diploma or International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma holder, you can become a teacher of our primary schools through the 2-year Diploma in Education (DipEd) programme.

Learn more about the programme and how to apply.

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PDGE)

For university degree holders, or current undergraduates, you can become a teacher by applying for the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).

Learn more about the programme and how to apply.

For Trained Teachers

For former MOE teacher, or a Trained Teacher with a professional teaching qualification, you can apply for a full-time teaching position with us.

Other Teaching Subjects - Learn how to apply.

Tamil Language - Learn how to apply.

Note: If you are a former MOE teacher and would like to teach on a short-term basis, you can apply under the Contract Adjunct Teaching Scheme.