Teaching in MOE Kindergarten for untrained applicants

3. Selection process

The selection process consists of 4 components, which may not take place in sequence. The components are:

  • Selection interview
  • 5-day MOE Kindergarten experience
  • Entrance proficiency test (EPT)
  • Medical examination
You will be informed should there be any changes to the selection process.

Selection interview

If you are shortlisted, we will email you the interview details and the documents that you are required to bring for the interview. For candidates who are shortlisted for the Chinese/ Malay/ Tamil Language Kindergarten Teacher position, you will also be assessed on your proficiency in the specific Mother Tongue Language during the interview.

Given the high number of applications, applicants can expect to receive an update from us within 6 weeks of the close of the application window.

5-day MOE Kindergarten experience

If you are further shortlisted after your interview, you will have to do a compulsory 5-day stint at an MOE Kindergarten. The purpose of this experience is to:

  • Enable you to affirm your interest in teaching
  • Enable us to assess your suitability for the job

We will inform you of the arrangements within 2 to 4 weeks from your interview. The MOE Kindergarten experience is typically conducted between August and October.

Entrance proficiency test (EPT)

You may be required to sit for certain EPTs at the Ministry's discretion. If so, we will email you the details of the test. This does not indicate that you are successful in your application.

Note: The test fee is non-refundable. No refund of payment will be given for those who are absent or withdraw from the test. We are also unable to reschedule test dates, except under extraordinary circumstances.

Medical examination

You will be required to undergo a medical examination, paid for by the Ministry, which may include vaccinations according to regulatory and prevailing guidelines adopted by the pre-school sector. You will be contacted with instructions regarding the medical examination.

Please go for the medical examination as soon as possible to facilitate the processing of your application.

Note: Undergoing the medical examination does not indicate that you have been selected for appointment.