Teaching in MOE Kindergarten for untrained applicants

4. Appointment and training commencement

If you meet all our requirements and are selected for appointment, we will invite you to attend:

  • An appointment briefing session.
  • An agreement signing session.

Thereafter, you will commence training for one of the following Diplomas by the National Institute of Early Childhood Development which will tentatively be in early March of the following year.

  • Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education – Teaching (Conversion) [DECCE-T (Conversion)].
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education – Teaching (Conversion) (Chinese) [DECCE-T (Conversion) (Chinese)].

After successfully completing the training programme, you will start work at one of our MOE Kindergartens, serving a 2-year bond.

We will inform you via email if your application is unsuccessful. Alternatively, you can check your application status anytime via Careers@Gov.