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Vision: School of Excellence Where Every Individual Matters

To provide a vibrant learning environment that inspires students towards independence and integration into society

  1. Respect: A person demonstrates respect when he believes in his own self-worth and the intrinsic worth of all people.
  2. Responsibility: A person who is responsible recognises that he has a duty to himself, his family, community, nation and the world, and fulfils his responsibilities with love and commitment.
  3. Resilience: A person who is resilient has emotional strength and perseveres in the face of challenges. He manifests courage, optimism, adaptability and resourcefulness.
  4. Integrity: A person of integrity upholds ethical principles and has the moral courage to stand up for what is right.
  5. Care: A person who is caring acts with kindness and compassion. He contributes to the betterment of community and the world.
  6. Harmony: A person who values harmony seeks inner happiness and promotes social cohesion. He appreciates the unity and diversity of a multi-cultural society.
Motto: Towards Greater Success

General information
Area: Bedok
Address: 1B Lengkong Lima, Singapore 417557
Telephone no.
6446 2612
Special needs catered for
Moderate to severe intellectual disability, Autism spectrum disorder
Age range
7 to 18 years old
Curriculum offered
School mode
Double session
Services offered
School bus transport
School fees
Contact the school directly for more information.
Open house
  • Wednesday, 28 April 2021
  • Session 1: 10am
  • Session 2: 2pm
  • Virtual
Contact no. How to register
  • Contact the school for more information.
Admissions timeline
2022 Primary 1 cohort
Start of school
January 2022

Application deadline
End October 2021
Applicants at other levels
Start of school
Ongoing, from January to September (as advised by the school).

Application deadline
Vocational Experience (VoX) Programme

VoX programme aims to facilitate students' (16 to 18 years old) smooth transition into supported or open employment through educational and vocational trainings. Trainings encompass the 3 domains in the SPED Education Framework (Learning, Living and Working), and include:

  • Money management skills.
  • Independent living skills such as commuting on public transport, communication skills.
  • ICT skills.
  • Food hygiene (WSQ course).
  • Experiential learning in authentic work settings.
Life Experience (LX) Programme
A newly launched customised programme to equip students with life skills and enhance social emotional competencies through experiential learning. The programme will focus on the following skills areas:
  1. Conceptual skills (functional numeracy & communication skills)
  2. Social Emotional learning (self-awareness, self- management, social awareness, relationship management & responsible decision making)
  3. Practical life skills (mobility training, school-based work experience, exposure to basic technology interfaces & functional application of skills learnt)
Speech Takes Flight
Speech Takes Flight provides a platform for students to hone their public speaking skills and display stage confidence. A toastmaster competition is held annually for students to compete in different categories. Some students are also further groomed to be co-emcees at school events.
Aesthetics – Music and Movement
Students in the Music and Movement CCA are provided with the opportunities to develop their musical talents and movement skills in a range of dance styles and instrumental techniques. Our recent focus is on drumming and hip-hop dancing. These activities help our pupils to develop positive social skills, discipline and resilience. Our dance group, The Kool Kidz, and the drumming group, Urban Beats, have been invited to perform in various schools and public events. Such involvements enable the pupils to develop their self-confidence and enrich their experience in the performing arts.
Digital D.R.E.A.M Immersive Mixed Reality Technology@TGS
Using Immersive Mixed Reality Technology that provides a unique and authentic digital learning experience, students are immersed in environments to interact with image projections of different contexts such as underwater world, forest scene in a safe manner. Students also learn through interactive activities, gaining knowledge on various topics ranging from exploring their neighbourhood to choosing healthy food.
Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies – Character and Citizenship Education (PATHS – CCE)
PATHS, a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programme, focuses on teaching students to regulate their own emotions through signals and simple rules. Students are taught to identify and express feelings and give compliments. What strengthens students’ SEL is the foundational teaching of CCE values such as respect, responsibility, resilience, care and integrity that are infused throughout lessons in the classroom.
Learning domains
  • Language/ Communication
  • ICT
  • Mathematics
  • General Science
  • Social Studies
  • Social Development
  • Personal Care/ Health Education
  • Domestic Science
  • Physical Education
  • Art and Craft/ Music
  • Travel/ Recreational Skills
  • Language/ Communication
  • ICT
  • Mathematics
  • General Science
  • Social Studies
  • Social Development
  • Personal Care/ Health Education
  • Domestic Science
  • Physical Education
  • Art and Craft/ Music
  • Travel/ Recreational Skills
  • Vocational Skills
Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)
  • Art and Craft Club
  • Environmental Science Club
  • Science and Technology Club
  • Music and Movement
  • Scouts
  • Sports
  • Social Recreation Club
Muhammad Danial Affandy
Alumni (Graduated in 2018)

Muhammad Danial Affandy - Towner Gardens School
Muhammad Danial Affandy graduated from Towner Gardens School in 2018. During senior school, he was in the Vocational Experience (VoX) programme and participated in work experiences at the Shangri-la Hotel Singapore and Fish & Co Restaurant.

He was also awarded the Statement of Attainment (SOA) for completing the WSQ Basic Food Hygiene and Interact with Guests courses. Through different programmes in school, Danial shared that he learned various skills such as food preparation and housekeeping while staying focused at work as well as good work ethics. At age 16, he also learnt how to travel to school and his workplace independently using public transportation.

Danial was Assistant Head Prefect at school and a role model and mentor to his peers. He aspired to work independently after graduation so that he could earn a living and support his family. During his final year, he was selected to enter the School-to-Work (S2W) Transition Programme upon graduation.

After his two-month orientation with SG Enable, Danial was awarded the “Top Trainee” for his outstanding performance. Subsequently, he started his internship with Pan Pacific Hotel in the stewarding department. Due to his positive work attitude and work ethics, Danial was employed as a full-time staff in November 2019. He was also featured in the media several times as part of the Hotel’s inclusive hiring practices. During an interview with Danial, he shared that he enjoys working at Pan Pacific Hotel because of the friends he has made there!
Elkan Wong
Senior Level

Elkan Wong - Towner Gardens School
Elkan Wong joined Towner Gardens School (TGS) in 2018. Since then, he has been making good progress steadily in all domains – Living, Learning & Working.

Elkan used to have a balance issue. He was afraid to walk down the stairs and was not able to walk with alternate feet on each step of the stairs. With his determination to overcome his fear and the constant encouragement from the physiotherapist and class teachers, he achieved going up and down the stairs confidently within a year!

This year, Elkan joined the school’s Vocational Experience programme. Elkan has become more mature and expressive. He has improved in his listening skills and speaks with greater confidence. During class sharing on current affairs, he often shares and asks questions on the topics discussed.

One very important milestone achieved by Elkan is his ability to take public transport independently. Although he was disoriented at times while making his way home, that did not deter him from wanting to be independent. Instead, he has become more resilient. With the continual support from his caregiver – his grandmother, Elkan has emerged more confident and determined to make further progress.

Elkan has yet to start his first work experience in the community. However, he has been honing his vocational skills in school and at home so as to prepare and equip himself with the skills for future work experiences.
Syed Anis Bin Syed Mohd Alsagoff
Junior Level

Syed Anis Bin Syed Mohd Alsagoff - Towner Gardens School
Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Syed Anis Bin Syed Mohd Alsagoff, has made tremendous progress in his social emotional and daily living aspects. Instead of expressing physically, Anis has learnt to control and manage his emotions better by using words like ‘No’ or ‘I don’t want’ to express his unhappiness or displeasure, for example in situations when he does not like to do something, refusal to work or he feels invaded of his personal space by others.

Anis has shown improvement in his social skills such as maintaining eye contact, taking turns, making choices/requests and, understanding gestures and facial expressions of others. He is able to demonstrate appropriate peer to peer or child to adult greetings by shaking hands, saying “hello” or “good morning”. He also uses polite words like “please” and “thank you” to make requests and apologises when he has done something wrong. During turn-taking activities, he has learnt to wait patiently for his turn without getting upset.

Furthermore, Anis is independent in using his personal schedule and following the school routines with minimal prompts. We hope that Anis will continue to make improvements and gain success in all areas of his development in the near future.

All information listed above is provided by the school. Visit the school's website or contact them to find out more.