Lighthouse School

Find out more about life in Lighthouse School and its programmes.

  • A Centre of Excellence for the sensory Impaired.
  • To build Lighthouse School into one of the best in the region where pupils will leave school well prepared to continue their post-primary education and adulthood with confidence and a sense of adequacy in coping with future challenges.
Mission: To provide its pupils with special needs a holistic curriculum to enable them to successfully acquire skills and develop values which will lead to the highest possible level of academic, vocational and personal success in adulthood.

Values: iSHINE – Sincerity, Humility, Integrity, Never Give Up, Empathy

Motto: Together we persevere to achieve and succeed.

General information
Area: Toa Payoh
Address: 51 Toa Payoh Rise, Singapore 298106
Telephone no.
6250 3755
Special needs catered for
Visual Impairment, Hearing Loss
Age range
7 to 18 years old
Curriculum offered
Customised, National
School mode
Single session (morning)
Services offered
School bus transport
School fees
Contact the school directly for more information.
Open house
No open house scheduled. You can contact the school directly for more information.

Contact no.
Admissions timeline
2022 Primary 1 cohort
Start of school
January 2022

Application deadline
End October 2021
Applicants at other levels
Start of school
Beginning of school term.

Application deadline
Academic Programmes
National Curriculum Programme (NCP) for students in Primary/Junior level and Customised Curriculum Programme (CCP) (Junior, Middle and Upper).
Learning Support for Students with Visual Impairment
While accessing either the National Curriculum Programme or the Customised Curriculum Programme, various learning supports are put in place to enhance student learning. Special assistive devices such as handheld and desk magnifiers are provided for students with low vision. Students with total vision loss receive a specialised medium of instruction in braille with the use of special equipment like the Perkins Brailler, Braille Notetaker, Screen Reader Software, Crammer Abacus and Talking Scientific Calculator. Lessons on braille and ICT are also incorporated in the timetable.
Learning Support for Students with Visual Impairment and Learning Support for Students with Hearing Loss (HL)
Lighthouse School currently uses the Bilingual-Bicultural (Bi-Bi) approach, where the Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) is the natural first language for our students with HL. Spoken and written language used by the majority in mainstream society is viewed as a second language. The emphasis of Bi-Bi approach in the Deaf culture is to develop confidence in students by assimilation into the Deaf community. Lessons on SgSL and ICT are also incorporated in the timetable.

Students with HL are engaged through interactive lessons with the use of SMART boards, iPads, computer, etc. These provisions facilitate and enhance their learning.
Additional support for all students
Identified students are also supported by either in class or out of class support by the Teacher Aide, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Audiologist, Counsellor and Job Coach.
Swimming Programme
Swimming Programme is part of the PE curriculum where students are grouped based on their level of confidence and attend a 10-week swimming programme.
Student Leadership Programme
This is a 3-tier programme where the school creates opportunities for every student to be a leader.
CCA Programme
Lighthouse School introduced Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) in 2019. Through CCA, LHSians discover their interests and talents while developing values and competencies that will prepare them for a rapidly changing world. CCA also promotes friendships amongst LHSians as they learn, play and grow together.
Learning domains
  • English
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Numeracy
  • Science
  • Science & Environment
  • Music
  • Physical Education (PE)/ Health Education (HE)
  • Art
  • Social Studies (SS)
  • Daily Living Skills (DLS)
  • ICT
  • Character and Citizenship Education
  • Singapore Sign Language (SGSL)/Braille
  • Orientation & Mobility/ Independent Travelling Skills
  • English
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Numeracy
  • Science
  • Science & Environment
  • Music
  • Physical Education (PE)/ Health Education (HE)
  • Art
  • Social Studies (SS)
  • Daily Living Skills (DLS)
  • ICT
  • Character and Citizenship Education
  • Singapore Sign Language (SGSL)/Braille
  • Orientation & Mobility/ Independent Travelling Skills
Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)
  • Drama & Theatre
  • Synchronised Drumming
  • Goal Ball
  • Gymnastic
  • Board Games
  • Choir
  • Dance
  • Multi-Media
  • Taekwondo
Ummi Yasserah binte Mohamed Yasni
Alumni (Graduated in 2017)

Ummi Yasserah binte Mohamed Yasni - Lighthouse School
Ummi Yasserah graduated from Lighthouse School in 2017. She then opted for Mountbatten Vocational School (MVS) to continue her training for open employment.

As a student of Lighthouse School, she was an exemplary prefect who always looked out for her younger school mates with visual impairment to provide assistance whenever needed, especially in their orientation and mobility skills. As Ummi is a student with hearing loss, she has shown us that you do not need speech to help someone else.

A sports enthusiast, Ummi participated in a number of athletics and swimming events organised by the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC). Her competitive spirit in sports helped her bag many medals. Ummi continued to participate in many sports events and won many medals when she was a student at MVS. Staff at MVS found her to be friendly and one who takes initiative to interact and make friends not only with peers like her, but also with peers who can hear.

Ummi received training in housekeeping and F&B at MVS, but chose to go into F&B. Currently, Ummi works at The Daily Scoop, finding joy in her choice of employment. 
Grishm Chandru Mirpuri
Alumni (Graduated in 2019)

Grishm Chandru Mirpuri - Lighthouse School
Grishm graduated from Lighthouse School in 2019. He was an all-rounder who did well in the aesthetics, IT and academics, in spite of his visual impairment. His positive attitude and great spirit of perseverance enabled him to transit successfully into a secondary school, where he accesses his learning materials via devices such as the note taker, ipad and desktop. During the HBL period, Grishm accessed data from webpages to get his work done. Being well-equipped with IT skills, Grishm has become an independent learner.

At Lighthouse School, Grishm won the admiration of many of his peers for his musical talent in singing. He has performed at various school events, ceremonies and many public performances.. Grishm was selected to sing at the 2017 National Day Parade Performance as a member of The Purple Symphony. This quest for singing did not stop at Lighthouse School as he continues to perform in his present school too.

Grishm did us proud by being the first Lee Kwan Yew Exemplary Student Award recipient in 2017 when it was first extended to SPED schools. 
Khalisyea Choo Bin Abdul Rahman
Junior Class

Khalisyea Choo Bin Abdul Rahman - Lighthouse School
Khalisyea Choo, a student with hearing loss, is a bubbly and active nine-year-old student. She has come a long way, as she struggled during her first year in school. She overcame her difficulties and adapted to school routines with the help from her caring teachers. She was taught social skills, focusing on social interactions on top of the other learning domains. Learning how to sign in school has also improved her communication skills and she is able to communicate well. She now actively participates in school activities and enjoys interacting with her friends and teachers. 

All information listed above is provided by the school. Visit the school's website or contact them to find out more.