Katong School

Find out more about life in Katong School and its programmes.

Vision: Empowered Lives for An Engaged Community and Inclusive Society

Mission: Enabling Persons with Special Needs to be active contributors of society, Inspiring and Building capabilities of partners and the community, Leading and Advocating towards an inclusive society

Values: Respect, Resilience, Integrity, Commitment

Motto: We can Achieve!

General information
Area: Bedok
Address: 900 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 467354
Telephone no.
6445 8027
Special needs catered for
Mild intellectual disability, Autism spectrum disorder
Age range
7 to 16 years old
Curriculum offered
School mode
Double session (Morning: Senior, Afternoon: Junior)
Services offered
School bus transport
School fees
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Open house
  • Friday, 21 May 2021
  • Friday, 6 August 2021
  • Friday, 8 October 2021
  • 2pm to 3.45pm
  • Online presentation and virtual tour
Contact information How to register
  • Visit the school's website for information.
  • Call or email Ms Siti Fatimah Bte Mohd Shariff for registration.
Admissions timeline
January 2022 cohort
Start of school
January 2022

Application deadline
September 2021
Applicants at other levels
Start of school
Beginning of the month, except June and December.

Application deadline
Secondary PE Swimming
The swimming programme is offered to all secondary students to equip them with an essential life skill and to develop their gross motor, cognitive and communication skills.
Work Experience Programme
The Work Experience Programme aims to provide students with authentic learning experiences at various work sites in preparation for post-secondary vocational training and open-employment opportunities.
Circus Arts CCA
The Circus Arts CCA allows students an alternative platform to learn and develop specialised skills such as juggling, while building their self-esteem and resilience.
Learning domains
  • Functional Academics – Literacy, Numeracy, Science (P4 to P6)
  • Daily Living
  • Social Emotional
  • Physical Education
  • Arts
  • Functional Academics – Literacy, Numeracy, Science (S1 & S2)
  • Daily Living
  • Social Emotional
  • Physical Education
  • Arts
  • Vocational Education
Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)
  • Athletics
  • Bocce
  • Bowling
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Artist Inc
  • KS Arts Biz
  • Art and Craft
  • Dance Choir
  • Scouts
  • Circus Arts
  • Digital Art and Photography
  • Robotics
  • Eco Club
Melvin Kwek
Sec 3/4 (15 years old)

Melvin Kwek - Katong School
Melvin joined Katong School when he was nine years old as a shy and withdrawn child. He had difficulties expressing himself and it hindered his learning. Through therapy sessions with the school’s Speech Therapist, as well as the functional curriculum set in place, Melvin made significant progress over the years. His confidence grew as he improved in his speech. He is now able to articulate and convey his thoughts clearly. He is more sociable and is well-liked by his peers. He developed a keen interest in technology and took up robotics CCA. His resilience to overcome his struggles was evident in his determination to learn and equip himself with new skills. Melvin represented the school in the 2019 First Lego League Challenge and his team clinched the ‘Overcoming Adversity’ Award. 
Muhammad Hafazha
Sec 2/4 (14 years old)

Muhammad Hafazha - Katong School
The school’s curriculum and student leadership development opportunities contributed significantly to Hafazha’s development. In spite of his initial struggles in transiting from the mainstream school to Katong School, Hafazha leveraged on all learning opportunities to uplift himself. He made remarkable progress, especially in the area of Vocational Education (Voc Ed). The diverse exposure from the Voc Ed curriculum has sparked Hafazha's keen interest not only in learning new skills, but also in guiding his peers who needed more support. Character and Citizen Education in the curriculum has also inculcated a good sense of responsibility and directed him to always extend a helping hand to others. As an Assistant Head Prefect, Hafazha is held in high regard by his peers and he leads the school daily in reciting the national pledge. Hafazha is looking forward to new learning as he gears towards post-secondary education and work-related opportunities.
Alisha Hadirah
P6/3 (12 years old)

Alisha Hadirah - Katong School
The true essence of learning takes place when one is able to transfer and apply learning beyond the walls of the classroom. A keen learner, Alisha has shown at the age of 12, the capability and competence in applying her learning and skills attained in school back at home. Besides helping out with household chores, Alisha also guides her two younger siblings in developing their daily living skills. The functional curriculum and programmes in school have provided Alisha with the platform to pick up daily living skills and to meaningfully apply them at home. Being a good role model for her two younger siblings and exemplifying school values as one of the Assistant Head Prefects, Alisha has shown that with commitment and resilience, students from SPED schools can play an important role in the community and society.

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